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Hello Everyone

P I am @sualeha From Pakistan

It's pleasure for me here with my participation post in scouts and friends community in engagement challenge season 8 week three with very fantastic theme of this week about children stories,we all listen or read many stories in our life in our child hood time by our parents,grand parents,elder siblings .

when I became mother my place we're changed now I am telling or read stories book to my three kids ,I am a good stories teller my kids really enjoyed and listen my stories specially at bed time .I am always trying to share with my kids that type of stories sometimes in which they get lessons or taught new positive attitude towards life .

What is your favorite children story and why ?have children stories taught anything marked you or influence you in your life

Well I remembered many stories in my golden memories listen by My mother and my elder sister in my child hood time I was very found of princess stories , fairy tale so my mother told us story every day at bed time with my siblings .The most favorite story of my child hood time was Bundle of sticks


The beautiful story having moral of unity ,my mom told us story in very interesting style I never forgot the even single word ,the story of a rich farmer who lived in village,he was old and weak day by day he had three sons but they fighting all time never respect and understand each other . Farmer decided to give lesson so he told her three boys I gave you three sticks one by one and who one broken that I will give my whole money and property to him ,boys were happy and they all broke single stick very easily,then farmer gave him.bundle of sticks and again said who one broken that,all three were surprised because they knew that it's not easy task to broke many sticks a single person.They felt shamed and learn lesson from that incident if we united like bundle no one break us our family but if we disputed we leave single like one stick it has no strength any one easily broken it . The moral of the story is Unity is strength .This story we all siblings kept in our mind we are mash
Allah six siblings and always united and bound with love and care .


I remembered clearly many stories that all are influence on our life but the bundle of sticks story told by my mother very old and famous story may be you all also listed that story is my mom told me and my siblings and we all listen very interest and quite the basic moto behind the story was that my mom taught us makes strong bounding between our siblings and we remembered that till now still we love and care each others .

How many children stories do you remember reading?make a list enumerate them

I listen or read many stories in my child hood and most of them I remembered In which

  • Cinderella
  • Bundle of sticks
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Crocodile and monkey
  • Hen and gold egg
  • Farmer and wind mill
  • Grapes are sour
  • Lion and the mouse
If you have children or younger siblings,have you told them a children stories, which one and why ?

I have three kids two sons and one daughter they all liked to listen jungle/wild animals stories so for that I had jungle book stories comics in which many wild animals related stories about lion , monkey,tight , crocodile 🐊 and much more ,I am select these type of stories for kids who give information about that animal and they learned with in fun .

Have you created a children story tell us about it?

Well yes I love writing kids stories and I created many stories according to the kids demand but I love fantasy 🤩🤩,the magical world ,the fairy tales ,my daughter is big fan of my created stories,some time creating funny tale just for laughs but some time lesson base stories.I created a story about princes and prince my kid really liked and wanted to listen again and again .It's a fantasy base story in which princess had megic stick she made whole world in to chocolate baar everything become chocolate 🍫🍫 the very funny story made according to kids mood because it's not a true story but kids enjoyed when they listen .

I hope you like my post about my favorite children stories,the child hood time always remembered we all , being a parents try to taught her kids in fum time it's leaves deep impact on our whole life .


See you soon with new post , waiting for your valuable comment and feedback on my post,to finish I like to invite @naka05 ,@pelon53 ,@ashkhan to participate in wonderful contest.

warm regards



Thank you for sharing your experiences with children stories, @sualeha! I enjoyed reading about your favorite childhood story and how it taught you and your siblings about the importance of unity. It's great to hear that you're passing on the tradition of storytelling to your own children and incorporating lessons into the stories you tell.

I also love that you're creating your own children's stories, especially one about a princess with a magic wand that turns everything into chocolate! That sounds like a story that would capture any child's imagination.

I think it's wonderful how stories have the power to influence and teach us valuable lessons. Keep up the great work of storytelling and inspiring the next generation!

Best wishes,

Thanks a lot for you kind words about my post 😊

Your story is very interesting in which you tell about the farmer which was rich and live in a village and he had three sons and his sons not caring for each other so he was very worries about them and one day he tackled all of his son by a trick and then told them that how to be unite with each other and what are the benefits of unity.

The names of stories that you have shared I like the most and I know almost about all these stories because it when I was in my childhood then I listen all these stories from my grandmother as well as only stories are also present in my English book

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable participation with us and for remembering my Golden and memorable days of my childhood.

Thanks dear for your valuable comment 😊

Your welcome

Unity is strength is one of my favourite stories. From the very early age we should given this lessons to be united every time in the life with each other because in the time of distress we cannot live alone we need our loved one. The story of the farmers is very interesting in which he told the importance of unity to their children by showing a practical example in front of them.

I think kids are very practical and their life to end of the things which are practical and they also like to learn the things logically. You write a very good story in this article.

Another story which I like the most in this article is story about the lion and the mouse because it have a deep lesson itself and it is also a short story and it is easy to understand for the kids and for every age person.
Success for you!

Hello @sualeha,

Ye stroy hamary slaybus ka hisa b thi, jis me ek kisan apny beto ko marty waqat ek bht hi achi naseehat karta ha, or ye stroy hamy b ek bht acha sabaq detii ha. Mje ye dekh kar khushi huii ha k apko abi b kafi stories yad hain. Muqably me hisa lene k liye apka shukria. Allah pak apko kamyab kary.


Thanks for visit and comment with good wishes

Amiga @sualeha saludos. Ese cuento no lo había leído, pero sin duda pude leer brevemente tu historia sobre el granjero y sí, si deja un mensaje y una moraleja. Gracias por compartir tu cuento favorita, suerte y muchas bendiciones.


I love your post, you wrote it beautifully and for the moment i was reading story of bundles of sticks i felt i am kid. Stories are fascinating in any age group perhaps firstly we read stories and then we told stories to our kids.

How beautiful it is. Grapes are sour was mine favorite as it was really based on good moral.

I wish you success

Thanks dear friend for your visit on my post

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 2 months ago 

¡Saludos amiga!🤗

No conocía este cuento pero, por la descripción que nos compartes se ve que es una historia muy linda y, me dio curiosidad por leerlo así que, lo voy a buscar.

Un fuerte abrazo💚

Hi dear friend,
Thanks for your valuable comment 😘

Eso es lo bueno de las historias, comparten enseñanza que nos sirven en la vida, recuerdo que en mi casa éxitos un libro con este nombre "jungla" no sé si sería el mismo pero era de animales.

Hello friend, your story is very beautiful, the truth is that you have to tell them stories that teach them and learn from it.

I wish you much success, Regards.

Thanks dear for your valuable feedback ☺️☺️

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