SEC - S8W4. "¿It all ends with death?"



Hello friends,

Wow! How time flies. This is already the 4th week in the series, I am so happy to be here, I don't know about you, but I guess you should be happy. We being alive is a privilege.

This topic "It all ends with death" is a deep one and requires the spiritual sense to deliberate on it. I thought to participate in this contest to learn more about life after death. Join me as I reflect more on the questions below.

Death is the end of ones existence. Death means lifeless. Bible explained death as giving up the ghost (luke 23:46). Once a living soul is placed under judgement and condemnation of God, that is death. And remember that anything that has life in it, can die anyday, anytime.

Do you believe in life after death?



Yes, I do because there is life after death. Death is not the end. Because Jesus overcame death on the cross, we will continue to live after death. I know so many persons does not believe in death or even life or God. But the truth remains that we had lived a life before we came to the earth according to the scripture.

When we know and understand the plan of God and that death is part of his plans, we can actually live this life at ease. When we die, our spirit man leaves our mortal body. Even though the body is lifeless, the spirit leaves on and it goes to the spirit world which is divided into
Paradise and prison. Those who lived a righteous life here on earth, their spirits goes to the paradise, while those who did not, their spirits goes to the prison.

But because God is always merciful and fair in judgement, those who are in prison will not perish, rather they will be taught the gospel and given opportunity to accept Christ for their salvation. This can now usher them into the paradise.

Do you think of death as something natural or do you avoid everything related to this subject?

Death is inevitable therefore, it is natural. There are times and seasons in life. A time to born and time to die, time to sow and time to reap, time of joy and time of sorrow. Death of human is a normal part of life, the knowledge of this can help us live a good life here on earth.

Some persons loose their loved ones, their properties, they have various issues of life, but when all these circumstances of life comes up, we forget that they are just natural and the phase would pass. When we have this clarity about death been natural, we can flow with live and let God himself do things the way he wishes. But that does not mean we cannot pray, all these issues happen most times to us as a test of who God really is to us.

Life itself is a continual growth in which old things make way for new things. Most times if we don't loose that job, better ones will not come. If the properties were not lost, more beautiful once will never come. The bible says "In all give thanks to God" , "whether good or bad appreciate God."

Have you ever been in a situation that put you at risk of death? What did you feel?



I have never been in such state, but I can remember a friend "uchenna", who has been in such scenario. On that faithful afternoon, we were all eating and gisting, but because this my friend is a noise maker, he started shouting so that only his voice could be heard. While shouting, he had some piece of yam stocked in his mouth, wow! the next seconds, my friend was on the floor rolling as though something was fighting him.

We started screaming for help from the neighbourhood, his eye balls turned. The yam refused to go in or out and we don't even know what to do at this time. Some persons were praying and we kept calling his name but he was still rotating on the floor 360 degree. This incident lasted for about one hour before my friend vomited the yam and came back to live. He couldn't speak for the rest of the day, until the next day.

This scenario, was actually a matter of death because he was almost gone, but because it was not his time yet, or because the prayers were going on, or due to some other reasons, he didn't die. When we asked my friend what he felt during that process, he said he was loosing breath, he felt he was dying and he was trying to scream but no one could hear him or help him, but he didn't know how he managed to vomit the yam. Death experience is a mystery.

How do you want to be remembered after death?

I would like to be remembered as a peacemaker, as a good listener, a problem solver, a solution giver, generous, determined, happy, fun, compassionate. I hope my children thinks positive about me, as a loving mom, and my lover remembers me as a loving and great partner. I want to be remembered for the great impact to the world and society at large.

There are still more I want to do before I die, Although no one knows when it will be, but I have so much I want to be remembered for and until I achieve them, I am not quitting.


Death they say, will come like a thief in the night. We shouldn't be afraid of death since we know it is natural, it must surly come. Incase you have not been living a life to be emulated, start now, let your good legacy speak when you are gone.

I invite @steemdoctor1 @pandora2010 @talktofaith


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Seriously death is inevitable.
Thank God for his saving grace for your friend Uchenna. That is actually a horrible experience.
It was God's mercy that preserved him.
For me I will say it was an attack.
Thanks for inviting me to this contest.

I wish you well in your entry

Thanks for coming around!

Thank you for supporting @pennsif.witness. It is much appreciated.

Does it really ends with death?

The subject is really one of the most conflicted subjects I know. And yes I am one of those who seem to shy away from the subject but today I conquered my fears!

I like your thoughts about the subject so I say all the best in this contest

Thank you friend for visiting.

I am glad you conquered your fears today. Life and death is a mystery, every different individual has their different points of view about it but we have to know that it is a sure thing that must come.

 2 months ago 

Hi friend.
I apologize for not stopping by earlier but I was in class, I really liked your participation.

I have seen that she knows the word and understands that everything has a cycle and that if we are still alive it is because God wants it that way. Good luck in the challenge 🤞🏻

Many Blessings..🙏🏻

Thank you friend,

I am happy you made it. It is God who holds life and death and He alone dictates what and how things happen. The cycle of life is also in his hand.

Thank you once again!

Indeed, as we are in the world today, we are honestly looking for those that are peacemaker and I believe you will surely be remembered for that. Believing in life after death is good as if I'll help you to prepare for the life. Best of luck to you.

Thank you for coming around.

It's a good thing to have a sense of death even as we live on earth. Knowing that we are still on a journey will help our mindset on how to live the life. And surely, I will be remembered for that, but for now, let me make the most out of life as I am still strong and fit.

Death can be a really scary thing if we are not ready. We all we die one day, it's better we always prepare our mind for the inevitable

Sure, death is real. We all must die to meet in the other side. Thank you for visiting my blog.


Dios permita que los tuyos te recuerden como lo ahnele tu corazón y puedas sentir ese amor demostrado de esta manera, aunque pienso que en vida es que se debe honrar a las personas.

I agree with you, in life what we get is what we receive so if I want honour, then I need to honour someone.

Thank you so much!

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