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"If you plant, of course you had a harvest"...

As I posted a homesteading activity here in steemit-garden. Regarding with the updates of my bittergourd vegetable plant in the house...

Which I am so grateful to share another backyard gardening activity in the house. Which I harvested my first harvest of my bittergourd vegetables fruit...


For now, I wanted to share my harvest of these kind of vegetables fruit. Which I proudly say, it is now the fruit of my labor...

Which this is really a blessings, for having a successful vegetable gardening. From planting of these vegetables plant to the harvest period of the fruits...


In which it is very useful for a daily basic viand. And the health benefits that were going to get within these vegetables fruit...

And besides not only that, of course it is really fresh because I get these from my own vegetables garden. Which it is pure organic gardening because I do not used any pesticides and insecticides...

For the start of my homesteading post. I had now my harvest of my bittergourd fruit in my mini- backyard vegetable garden. Early in the morning I will going to visit my mini-vegetable garden which it is just infront of our house..


When I've check it, there are already fruits on my bittergourd vegetables and exact to the stage of a harvest. So what I've done, I immediately cut it's fruit stem used it with a scissor and inorder not to destruct the other smaller fruit to it's growing. And also to keep the other new fruit flowers in not to totally disturbed...

I harvested 3 pieces of bittergourd fruits. And after I harvested it, I came back home inorder to cook it with bittergourd with egg recipe..


So this is now my own way and ingredients on how to cook bittergourd with egg recipe:

Bittergourd3 pcs
Egg2 pcs
Garlic3 pcs
Umami1/4 tsp
Salt1/4 tsp
Edible oil1/8 ltr



• Slice the bittergourd into pieces.
• After slicing. Soak it with salt then squeeze inorder to get it's bitterness.
• Set aside.
• Scramble the 2 pieces egg then put the salt and umami.
• Set aside.
• Heat the pan then put the edible oil.
• Put the flattened garlic and fry.
• When it looks golden brown. Add the sliced bittergourd.
• Cook it for almost 5 minutes.
• Put the scrambled egg then mix it.
• Cover it then cook it in a minute.
• Then done and ready to eat.







Easy own steps of cooking bittergourd with egg recipe. Freshly harvested from the trellis of my vegetable garden to the cooking table...

So this is all for today, have a nice day...




What a fun plant post🌿

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Thank you my friend..

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Thank you..

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Thank you very much for your beautful post and photos!
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Thank you for appreciating...

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