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in FARMERs Bulletin +4 months ago

This is my entry for the contest

My rice farm


My paw paw


My vegetables



Oooh my God. How I whish I can get some huckleberry now. I love to eat fufu corn and huckleberry today. I hope you will invite me for harvesting 😃

Wow that's good your invited

 4 months ago 

Nice paddy field. Did you plant the rice in single seedling? why it has too many tillers at that stage?

Yes it was planted, because that's more lucrative here in my place

 4 months ago 

Please confirm, is it transplanted with a single or multiple seedling?

It was planted using the local way not mechanized way

 4 months ago 

yes, what i mean is one plant of rice? 2, 3 or 4 plants each?

It's over 4 but will be reduced and transplanted to other places

And its multiple seedling

 4 months ago 

It is healthy rice indeed. It might produce enough Tillers

Yes actually

 4 months ago 

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