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La cochina pario 10 cerditos

Este lindo gallo canta a las 3.00 am y despierta a todo el mundo.

Doing cleaning in our small farmer.

invito a mis amigos a participar y ellos son; @anasuleidy @adeljose @luimer79 @omit @mirla33 @rosses @angdavid21 @flacura50 @noelguarisma09 @vicent21 @quiaratiby @tocho2 @marito64 @ace108


Wow!!! Beautiful. I am interested in the piglets

 4 months ago 

I will raise native Pigs also later and more egg layer Chickens but i like them outdoor for a nutritive eggs they produce.

Ask them also to join FARMERS Bulletin Community.

Next Activities: Bigger Prizes

  1. Tomato Growing Competition
  2. Watermelon Growing Competition
  3. Bittermelon Growing Competition
  4. Melon Growing Competition
  5. Cucumber Growing Competition
  6. Rice Growing Competition
  7. Sweet Corn Growing Competition
  8. Papaya Growing Competition
  9. Bell Pepper Growing Competition
  10. Hot Chilli Growing Competition
  11. Eggplant Growing Competition
 4 months ago 

10 Steem Power Delegated to you today.

delegation 0915.png

Good morning Sir. Thanks so much for delegated 10 SP to me.

Thank you sir I really do appreciate for the 10sp delegation

 4 months ago 

Please join FARMERS Bulletin Community

We will have Eggplant Growing Competition SOON...

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