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My pineapple orchard garden


Turkey farm


Poultry farm

 8 months ago 

Wow, this is awesome. You can design a small chopper for pineapple leaves. You can trick the chickens and turkeys to eat the chopped leaves by mixing fermented commercial feeds.

 8 months ago 

Hey Victor,

I would like to know the farm price of the following in your country

Live Chicken
Live Turkey

Let me know prices in US Dollar in per kilo and per piece basis.


Live chicken is sold for $3.4 per kilo

Live turkey is $3.8 per kilo

And pineapple is $0.48

I'm sorry for the late response

 8 months ago 

10 Steem Power Delegated to you today.
delegation 0915.png

@five5 thank you. Your support encourage me to keep on working hard here. Love you ❤️

Wow!!! I like your farm and i am interested in the turkey most especially. I love pineapples too. Hope you will invite me to your farm one day. Hahaha😃

😄 thank you. You're always welcome

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