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Hi, my dear farmers. Hope you're doing fine. I'm fine also. I welcome you again to my blog.
I will be taking you through poultry farming tips and today, I shall be showing you the breeds of poultry birds in my farm here in Nigeria.

Poultry birds are birds that are majorly rear for meat and egg production. They are major sources of protein in human diets.

Introduction to poultry birds


These are called Noilers and Noilers are egg-producing birds. They also have good meat quality.

The above are called Isa Brown and they are majorly reared commercially for their egg production. They are hybrid birds.

Here are our local birds reared for meat and egg. They are poor in meat and egg quality.

I hope you are able to identify the birds we have here in Nigeria with my post. Next time, I will be taking you through the management practices on poultry. In order not to miss out, follow me and don't forget to upvote.
If you're a livestock farmer, kindly share your thoughts by commenting on this post. See you next time, till then, pls stay safe!

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 4 months ago 

Excellent post about Chickens in your area. I do love Chickens but I prefer them outdoor. They like my compost for insects and earthworms.

Post 3 pictures here

Wow! Thank you. I'm glad to know that you live chickens also.

Organic farming is one of the best method of rearing chickens. You're doing well!

 4 months ago 

I saw a post also with your Turkeys. I do have only 13 Turkeys but planning to raise more

Wow! That's awesome. Turkey is a lucrative business

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