STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2021 ACT 1 ROUND 03 : Contest is officially opened, join for a chance to win 25 STEEM! Grand Reward Pool at 58 STEEM already and growing each round!

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Greetings of the day Iron Chefs around the world of Steemit!

After the record breaking number of entries of round 2 of Steemit Iron Chef, all is ready and set for the 3rd round!

@progressivechef just kicked off the Third Round of ACT 1 couple of hours ago and revealed the mystery product of the week...

APPLE is the product that the contestants will have to work on and sublimate the jury for this 3rd round of competition!


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On top of the weekly 25 STEEM that are shared with the top 7 contestants , you have a chance to get a portion of the Grand Reward Pool which grows each week and already over 58 STEEM!!!

And the third way of getting rewards is if you create a top notch post and catch the eyes of the curators...well you can be the happiest people out there!

I've always believed in hard work and rewards will surely follow, just keep on going and never get discouraged!

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Having a lot of participants in Steemit Iron Chef is a real blessing, this is true...


My dear foodies...PLEASE upgrade your entries!!!

Out of the 98 entries we've received last round, a real lot of them are of very low quality level and this is sad my friends!

If only everyone upgrade their posts, the contest will be more interesting and we will see different winners each round...

Below some advises for you:

  • Make a thoughtful posts, be yourself - make it fun to read.
  • Take the best photos of the dish you prepared.
  • Avoid posting photos of you in the contest...I am more interested in the food and the plate you did!
  • I need only 1 proof photo, the rest of the photos you can do freestyle and make them attractive.
  • Don't just make a cream or a salad with the product of the different recipes and dress nicely on your plate.
  • The product of the week must be the center of attention, it must dominate the plate.

@progressivechef will be sharing some more tips this coming week on his blog to further help the contestants in making amazing posts!

Stay tuned for that!

For now...let's cook the apple in different creative ways and seduce the jury!

Looking forward to some great apple recipes from around the world!

Best of luck everyone!

And please....Make It Nice!

Thank you!


Saludos compañeros, dejo mi entrada en esta tercera ronda.

Exquisito Flan de Manzana by @astilem

Merry Christmas!.jpg


Sin título.jpg

En mi zona es dificil conseguir manzanas y si se consiguen son muy costosas, haré el intento por realizar mi entrada esta semana, 🤗 saludos.

Hola amigo, gracias por tus recomendaciones, empezare a trabajar para esta tercera ronda.

@steemit-ironchef can I take part in this contest??

Hello my friend! Of course you can join the contest anytime you wish.

Ohhh excelente e interesante el ingrediente de la semana, en muchos lugares de mi país está difícil conseguirlas. Pero al tenerlas están muy costosas, que delicia 🍎 es momento de aprovechar y hacer algo muy Delicioso y exclusivo para la entrada y que todos disfrutemos.


Saludos amigo @progressivechef aquí dejo mi Participación a la Tercera Ronda.

Feliz sábado! Aquí dejo mi participación 🍏🧑‍🍳 Espero les guste! Éxitos para todos! 💚


Hola amigos aquí les dejo mi participación, con muchísimo cariño 💖, espero sea de su agrado 😊

Buenos días amigos pronto estaré presentando mi platillo para el concurso, gracias por su recomendaciones.

Very useful guideline to improve post quality, hope the quality of the posts will increase in the coming weeks.

 2 months ago (edited)

Hola @progressivechef !

Aquí te adjunto el link de mi entrada de participación en el Round 03:*

Muchas gracias, saludos.


Pronto estaré presentando mi nueva receta para el concurso. muchas gracias por su valiosa recomendaciones. amigo @progressivechef.

Hola amigos está es Mi participación



Mi participación en este maravilloso concurso


Hola🙏 Saludos a todos 👋, por acá mi participación, espero les agrade🥰🇻🇪


Hola, mi entrada Muffins de manzana y crumble de avena

Gracias y suerte a todos!



Hola 😊 aquí mi Participación disfrute mucho este concurso, me lleno de adrenalina 😄🍎🍃

Hola a todos aquí mi participación


Hola, mi Participación.
Bendiciones y éxitos para todos.

Hola amigo... Tarde pero seguro... Aquí envío mi entrada. Crumble de Manzana

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