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Assalamu'alaikum Everyone. I am @zisha-hafiz
From #Bangladesh

Wishing everyone a good day and my best wishes to all. The reason I'm here today is to participate in📣 “ WhatsApp:My View, Myself Wk14”. I am grateful to Steem For Pakistan and Sir @saintkelvin17 for arranging such an amazing contest. These types of contests help us to participate in new challenges and represent our writing creativity.

✅What do you understand by the word WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a globally popular application through which users communicate with each other by sending their written messages, voice messages, various important files, and calls through the internet connection. It has brought a new revolutionary change in social media. This application originally owned by Facebook, which helps us to stay connected with others all the time in a seamless and very easy way. Through WhatsApp, we the users can send free calls, video calls, messages, pictures, documents, and locations to each other in a very short period of time.

One of the features of WhatsApp is that it runs on iOS and Android operating systems and can be used on multiple platforms including Mac, laptop, and also in desktop computers. Also, another beneficial feature of this application is that many users can create a group through which everyone is connected together. In this, they can all be connected to each other in a message exchange call or video call at the same time. For this benefit, WhatsApp is mostly used for official, business, academic, or family communication purposes.

In short, it can be said that WhatsApp has become a shining example and an integral part of the modern communication medium, which is being used by users to communicate with each other very easily. Its innovation has attracted all the users towards it and has strengthened its position globally in the digital age.


✅Do you have a WhatsApp account, if yes tell us your WhatsApp experience?

Yes, of course, I have a WhatsApp account. For any internet-based communication, I prefer WhatsApp rather than using any other application. Because it’s hassle-free using proceed I like it the most.


My WhatsApp account

Work Communication.png

Business communication through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is constantly updating and changing its applications keeping up with the times and keeping in mind user needs which makes the user more attractive to use it. Below I have shared some special features of WhatsApp that I experienced and for this, I am interested in using it more.

Sharing documents : In WhatsApp, we can share different types of multimedia documents that other documents don’t have. Through this special feature, we can share any document across the whole world.

Sharing location : In many emergencies or different situations we have to share our or any specific location with others. This time this application saved us a lot. For our working purposes or for our security purposes we can share our location with the nearest or dearest one.
Saving time professionally as well as personally – In WhatsApp groups we can share important messages with lots of people in quick minutes which saves our time and energy.


✅Mention two features you wish WhatsApp had.
WhatsApp has many special features that attract me more to use this application but I desire to have a few improvements in this application which will add a new dimension to it.

Scheduled messages : I desire this application to have the feature of “Scheduled Messages” by which we can draft any message and it will be delivered as per our required date and time. This feature would be particularly useful for those people who want to send reminders, greetings, or important messages at a time when they may not be available or forget to send them manually. This new feature will help users to make their bond with others which makes WhatsApp more popular among the whole world.

Message translation and voice tying message : By a message translator one user can able to translate a message into their desired language. So that they don’t need to translate it from any other application. Also, WhatsApp can add another feature which is voice typing. By voice typing message anyone can keep a copy of any evidence or give a clear instruction to the other user.


✅Discord or Instagram, What's your favourite?

Of these two application, I prefer Discord. Discord is a famous platform that allows the user for social interaction, community building, and easily collaborate across a wide range. Without any payment, we all can use this application. Anyone can sign up here and to a wide range of people, especially gamers who may not want to invest in expensive communication tools.

Discord offers both voice and text chat features. Its flexibility allows users for seamless communication. Discord is available on multiple devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets as well. It indicated that users can communicate with each other no matter where they are or through what device they're using. It opens a way to communicate with millions of users throughout the world.

I would like to invite three of my Steemian friends to participate in this amazing contest: @imrulzayed, @rumanaafroz and @mdrabbe.

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You describes every thing in very good detail and I really like your effort. You deserve more success.

I am overwhelmed to hear that you have read my post and liked it. Thank you for your prayers and I wish you all the best.

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Schedule message is a great idea because we can use it to send a message to be delivered in 2 to 3 days time. Maybe we can use it to send birthday wishes to our love ones. I like your suggestions and I wish you good luck in this contest.

Thank you for your magical words. I am glad that you have liked my idea and hope WhatsApp will bring this feature soon. Keep me in your prayers. Best wishes for you.

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You're welcome my dear, I like when people share their mind here on steemit. We are here together as one family. Take care.

Yes you are right. Keep me in your prayers. May Allah bless you always.

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