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RE: SEC-S17 /W4| "Why do you Prefer Steemit Only?

in Steem For Pakistan3 months ago

You must have had a rough start from the beginning of your Steemit journey. you're right, blogging for the first time is always difficult and frustrated because the new experience is always complicated, lack of Internet was your second challenge and i believe it was really creepy for you. What makes you special is, you didn't fall back but instead you look for help somewhere else and that helps you out. I understand what it feels like for not receiving support and everyone has faced this challenge too. I always believe that with consistency and patience, our present here in steemit will be notice one day. Best of luck friend.🤗

 3 months ago 

Thanks buddy for this time and review my post. Yes beginning moments for everyone is complicated but still if you gard work then you must achieve aim. Best of luck too dear friend.

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