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Hello Guys!

Greetings to you all, hope you all are well and enjoying the happy moments of life with steem. I am also good Alhamdulillah.

First of all, I am inviting some of my friends here so that they can also be a part of this challenge and get rewards.


Here is the link to the challenge post.

Lets Start:

What were your hopes while signing up for Steemit for the first time?

Before doing any work, we have many questions about what kind of work it will be. As we have never tried it before, we need to get full information about it. In today's digital age, many fake applications and websites destroy our assets and waste our time but we don't get anything. Damage occurs. So I also took full information before starting on Steemit because our heads @cryptokraze guided us very well.

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When I put my first intro post here with my head method and got rewarded, I was convinced that this website is 100 percent real. On this, we can earn by doing our blogging and here we can get a lot of crypto related information. Since then my hope for it grew more as I realized that it would make me financially strong and increase my knowledge.

Before this website, I had never done any online work even though I had heard many people were connected with fake websites. But they had a lot of damage on them so I was already aware of that. And started by properly extracting all your information here.

As soon as I started getting rewards, my hope grew with it as it was also covering my daily pocket money. And my internet expenses and whatever my expenses were were being covered. At that time I did not need to take money from my father or mother from home. Because earlier I used to do my work by taking money from my home but since I started it, then I started running it at my own expense.

Similarly, here my hope also increased regarding crypto knowledge. I didn't have any information about crypto before, but as soon as I came here and saw people's work, I thought that now I could go far in the world of crypto. Because those who were our heads also used to do forex trading and they also used to give us lectures. So we came here to get enough information.

Your challenges faced while achieving your financial or blogging goals?

It is a fact that when we start a task from the start, we face a lot of difficulties in understanding it. Because slowly we get complete information about this thing. And as we dedicate our time to this platform or this work, we get a proper understanding of it. So I also had some issues at the start due to which I was not able to work here.

As I have never blogged before that made it very difficult for me to start working here. I didn't know how to put pictures or how to write my content. Because then I was a beginner and didn't have any information as I worked here some seniors helped us. And we had heads, they explained a lot, and they gave us lectures on Zoom, through which we learned how to post here. And now Alhamdulillah post a better type.

Before we did not have fiber internet in our house, I started on this platform by installing a package on my mobile phone. But the mobile data was not working properly at times due to which I also had this problem. But as I started earning here along with my work, I set up Wi-Fi at my home at my own expense. So that I can easily post here and give this platform a good time.

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I have faced this challenge while blogging I used to spend my whole day here creating posts but I didn't get any response on it. If you visit my profile and finally see my initial posts, there is zero reward, which used to bother me a lot. Because in the beginning we used to spend a whole day on one post and we didn't get any reward for that post. Due to this, we used to get disheartened.

The biggest problem was when I joined my social media life. Because I didn't have an Android mobile before. As soon as I went to university, I got an Android mobile and bought a laptop so that I could do my work at university. And while I joined this platform I found it very difficult to understand these things. But gradually as I got into this work, I became proficient in this work.

Your inspiration on Steemit?

There are many personalities on Steam It who I was inspired by because they did their work with passion and dedication. Seeing them used to inspire us to reach their level as they did their work with full dedication. I would like to include @suboohi mam and one of our leaders who worked earlier who is @vvarishayy and Suboohi mam's daughter. She also used to do her work here, she also started at the same time when we joined this platform. Then we used to be very motivated by seeing both of them and together with our leaders who invited us here @cryptokraze, we used to see their work. We have learned to do ours by watching their work.

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It gives me great joy when I post here with all my hard work and dedication and see someone else's comment or vote on that post. Because when we do our work and that work is appreciated by others, interest in our work will increase.

Likewise, when a curator upvotes our post, it boosts our motivation. Because we feel that we are on the right path with a great style. Because people are liking our post and content and they are upvoting us because of it. So in this way, our motivation increases and we do our work with interest. And so we invite others so that they too can profit here.

Your happy story due to Steemit?

After joining this platform we have been happy and we have not seen anything that makes us sad. Because this platform is made to spread happiness in our lives. And hopefully, everyone will be very happy here.

Many stories have brought joy to my life because of Steemit. But I am going to tell you a story that made me very happy because of this platform.

When I joined my university I bought an Android mobile which my father bought me. At the same time, I bought a laptop because these two things were required for my university without them, I would be incomplete in university. So my father bought me these two things.

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But one day what happened was that my friend's grandmother's mother was ill and died. I and some other friends of mine went together for his funeral prayers. But when I performed the funeral prayer there and after performing it we came out of the funeral home, I put my hand in my pocket and I found that my mobile was not in my pocket. Someone took out the mobile from my pocket due to rush and I didn't know. Because we did not know anything about the trouble there and there was no such thing in our mind that our mobile could be stolen.

I immediately called my friend's mobile number but that number was switched off. I thought that if he had fallen somewhere, our number would be running and we would trace him and reach him. But someone took it out of my pocket due to which he switched off the mobile. But then we filed a report there so that if there is any wrongdoing through our mobile, it will be known to the police in advance so that it does not have any bad effect on us.

Meanwhile, I joined this platform and I started earning a good amount here. My pocket money also started coming to me but as soon as I found out that my mobile was lost, then I started saving the money that was coming from Steam It. And after these savings, I bought my mobile and I was very happy with it. Because I had bought it lawfully with my own money, my father had already bought it, which was lost due to my small negligence. But now I am more than happy that I got it again with my own money.

Because of Steemit, I have done many things that have made me very happy and my family was also very happy with me because it was the first platform that I joined and here I started earning.

I hope you guys will like my steemit journey and you guys will have fun. Thank you all for stopping by. Allah Hafiz
Regards: @ ahsansharif


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 2 months ago 

Upvoted. Thank You for sending some of your rewards to @null. It will make Steem stronger.

 2 months ago (edited)

Wow brother, you wrote this challenge very well. I like it , I will also try to participate in this Engagement challenge,keep it up great work dear. Best of luck 🍀 thank you so much for mentioned me ☺️

 2 months ago 

Thanks for your precious time on my post. Hope tou done better for this challenge. Keep it up

 2 months ago 

Most welcome dear

 2 months ago 

¡Holaaa amigo!😊

Me di cuenta que cuando nos registramos en la plataforma creemos que todo va a ser sencillo pero, la realidad está muy lejos de ser así jajajajaja y, te confieso que hoy día me alegro que vivamos este proceso de evolución en Steemit porque, de esa manera comprendemos lo afortunados que somo de formar parte de este semillero de conocimientos.

Te deseo mucho éxito en la dinámica... Un fuerte abrazo💚

 2 months ago 

Absolutely when we start we take it lightly but with work we understand the reality haha. Looking easier in the beginning but it's more complicated. Thanks for your time to invest on my post.

 2 months ago 

You must have had a rough start from the beginning of your Steemit journey. you're right, blogging for the first time is always difficult and frustrated because the new experience is always complicated, lack of Internet was your second challenge and i believe it was really creepy for you. What makes you special is, you didn't fall back but instead you look for help somewhere else and that helps you out. I understand what it feels like for not receiving support and everyone has faced this challenge too. I always believe that with consistency and patience, our present here in steemit will be notice one day. Best of luck friend.🤗

 2 months ago 

Thanks buddy for this time and review my post. Yes beginning moments for everyone is complicated but still if you gard work then you must achieve aim. Best of luck too dear friend.

Greetings dear Ahsan
It's great to see you work a lot on steemit to get a good goal. I am back on steemit and now you see my work on steemit soon. Your steemit journey is wonderful. To get good support from curators we must pay attention to steemit carefully. I am happy you bought a new mobile with your steemit earnings. Hope we do better in the next as previous one. Best of luck.

 2 months ago 

Thank you Ramzan for back on steemit. Also welcome back to Pakistan after a long time. Hope you are well and enjoying happy life. We are excited to see you work on steemit. Blessing

 last month 

To be very frank, I came to know a number of facts through your posts, especially about Suboohi. I never knew her daughter was also on this site and contributing. Now that I know these facts. I would check your mentioned Steemians and see what they write. Thank you!

 last month 

Thanks a lot for staying here. I appreciate your comment. Suboohi daughter vvarishayy working on steemit since 2021 but unfortunately she left. Best of luck brother

 last month 

First of all, felt really upset for your loss during funeral, and than you worked hard to get another cell phone on your own earnings; this is your achievement bro.

Steemit is a wonderful platform people have earned a lot of money out of it. Keep your struggle continued and finally you'll achieve more in life, best of luck and have a good day... thanks.

 last month 

Thanks for reaching on my post. I appreciate your comment support. Yes it's my achievement to get new cell phone. Good luck too.have a nice day

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