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Hi, My dear Friends, As you know we run a new community for our pakistani members and We know that there will be many new members to the community who are unfamiliar with steemit and the rules of the community. So, I decided to compile everything that came to my mind, in this post and save time and trouble for all the newbies who are trying to figure things out on their own. Let's start with the most important step first and help your new users grow.

Verify yourelf at Newcomers & Get verified in Steem For Pakistan Community.

Verification process is very important for in an community because still many users are working on steemit who don't verified in newcomer's community and.they work in different communities. So, they must need to get verified in our community for support For more information you can read this post!

Stop : Verify your account before posting at steem for pakistan.

For this you can also need to join Newcomer's Community and take part in newcomers achievement program. For this you should read to Notice Board of Newcomers Community. and take part in all achievements.

And once your achievement 1 is verified, should add its link under each of your's posts that is posted at our community.

Need to know all about Clubs and burning of steem.

If you want to get support from our community and curators you must need to join one club from these, #club5050 - #club75 & #club100, And if your achievement 2 is verified so you know about power up. Dear friends basicaly the conversion of steem into steem power is called power up. And to join any club you need to power up 50% 75% of your income as per its duration. For more details you can see in below table.

ClubPeriodPower UPCashout
#club50501 Month50 %50 %
#club752 Months75 %25 %
#club1003 Months100 %0 %

Now this is shadule that is used for determined the clubs. You can also determined your club status throughvthese following tools.

Note Please use only relevant club tags on your post if you are eligible for this tag.

And you can also support steem team with, #burnsteem25.

This is also an initative that is lunch by steemit team. For this you need to add 25 % beneficiary rewards to null.

Only use the tag # burnsteem25 if you set 25% beneficiary to the account @null.

Take Part in Community Contests & engaged with other member's posts with commenting.

Take part in community's contest is also important. Because you can participate in contests to increase the engagement as well as win prizes. The best way to find the contests would be to daily check blog of @disconnect.

You can also visit on steemitblog and check his annoncment related to steem engagement challenges. And take part in this challenges and engage with other users post.

Avoid From Plagiarism & Paraphrasing & Use Copywrite free images.

Any type of plagrised or paraphrase content will not be supported by our community team & official steem team too. So, you must nee to avoid from plagiarism or paraphrasing and must be write your own content.

You must be used copy-right free images from Internet on your posts. For this you can use your own pictures or used an website that's allow you to use free images. For Example you can use these site.

You can you use this sites for your pictures or you can use your own pictures.

Apply Proper Markdowns.

Use of Proper Markdowns is also make your Post attractive. so, you need to know about how to apply proper markdowns on steem and fo this you must be participating in achievement 4. You can also check the markdowns of any post with this simple trick:

Link of Post :-

Replace steemit with steemd, Like this

Now click on this link and check the markdowns of this post. Hope you will understand. if you have any questions about that you can tell me in comment section of this post.

@steemcurator01, @hungry-griffin



50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP
2500 SP3000 SP3500 SP4000 SP4500 SP5000 SP
 2 years ago 

Detailed guidelines for newcommers, hope to see some exciting contest here and will love to be a part, Good luck.

 2 years ago 

Thank you for the update 👍

Thank you so much sir for share these guidelines. And congratulations for this wonderful community. It's really need for our pak users. Now i will try to be active on steemit platform.

 2 years ago (edited)


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must use only one club tag

Thank you so much brother for sharing helpful post for newbies. I Will try to fullfil all guidelines.

 2 years ago 

Nice brother you will share very well detailed guidelines for newcomers. And your guidelines is really helpful for me.

 2 years ago 

Thanks brother for ahare a well detailed post about important guidelines for newcomers.

Thank you so much for write a helpful guidelines for us. Your guidelines is very helpful for all newcomers and thanks for sharing information about clubs and burnsteem25.

 2 years ago 

Brother this is very good and formative post. Very important guidelines for new and all members. We all need to know about that things properly. Otherwise we can't grow up here. Thanks for share. 🥰

 2 years ago 

Very informative post... Thankyou for sharing with us bro... You had a great job keep it up... ❤❤

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