The 9 Best Casinos in the US Ranked

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There are hundreds of casinos across the United States, each equipped with different amenities and machines for users. Some have good bars, while others boast fabulous casino floors. It can feel overwhelming to pick the best locations for gambling, but a few stand out as clear winners.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best casinos in the United States, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the best casinos in the country, whether on the West or East side of the country. If you have the opportunity for an extravagant road trip, these are all worth a visit.


1. ARIA Resort and Casino

First up is the ARIA Resort and Casino. This location is ideal if you want to focus on slot machines and would love to do so in a glitzy, glamorous version of the Strip. It’s gorgeous, and you can’t miss it.

Inside the ARIA, you will find the following:

●50,000 square feet of gaming space

●More than 2,000 machines

●New games often

●Restaurants and lounge areas

There’s never a moment too unexciting for a standard guest at the ARIA.

Not only is the ARIA one of the best places to gamble in Sin City, but it’s also one of the most iconic hotels in the Vegas area. Ensure you stay in the building for a complete experience while you are in town.

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2. Bellagio Resort & Casino

Bellagio Resort & Casino is one of the best MGM-owned resorts and one of the crown jewels of Vegas. It’s a hotel people flock to take pictures in front of, and gamble inside during their trip to Sin City.

You’ll find many exciting details at the Bellagio:

●An iconic water fountain and light show

●Vast gambling floor

●Indoor botanical conservatory

Bellagio is a spectacle in itself.

The casino is designed after Lake Como in Italy. It has many high-end restaurants to enjoy, along with astounding views. Visitors can feel like royalty whether they are playing a table game or a slot machine.

3. Atlantic Casino Resort Spa

Vegas might be the mainstay for Nevada, but Reno comes in second place. The best casino you will find in the area is the Atlantic Casino Resort Spa, a glittering gem in the smaller town.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Atlantis Casino:

●More than 1,400 machines

●Tasty Restaurants

●Dazzling design

It’s a great place to gamble.

Reno is known as “The Biggest Little City in the World”. It’s definitely worth a visit to check out a few casino selections.

4. Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is a gorgeous, glittering gold building in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It’s the largest hotel in the area and the casino that brings in the most money by far for the gambling location. It’s owned by the well-known MGM name, so it makes sense that the casino is one of the best.

You’ll find the following at the Borgata Casino:

●More than 2,800 rooms and 160,000 square feet of gaming space

●4,000 slot machines

●180 table games

●50 poker tables

There’s so much to participate in here.

There are slots and games here for every budget, starting as low as a penny and rising as high as hundreds of dollars per play. It has high-octane poker events that can push on for days at a time.

5. Caesars Palace Las Vegas

You can’t take a trip to Las Vegas without seeing Caesars Palace. It’s a landmark of the town, complete with unique Roman themes to help you feel out of this world.

You’ll find the following items in this casino:

●Opulence and elegance dripping off every wall

●More than 120,000 square feet of casino space

●Entertainment around every corner

You can’t go wrong with a visit to this exciting locale.

There are more million-dollar slot jackpots here than anywhere else in the world, making them worth a shot. The gorgeous decor and variety of games are sure to win you over.

6. MGM Casino

The MGM Grand is a classic of the Las Vegas skyline, providing a venue for hundreds of music artists and other events over the years. It also has an excellent gambling floor.

Here’s what you will find with the MGM:

●Over 170,000 square feet of casino space

●More than 2,500 games

●More than 150 poker tables

There’s much to do here.

If you want a classic, you can’t go wrong with MGM. It’s the founder and inspiration of many similar casinos.

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7. The Venetian Las Vegas

The Venetian in Las Vegas is an impeccable choice if you want a theme. It nails the Italian inspiration right on the head, pushing you right to a new world.

With the casino, you can expect:

●120,000 square feet of floor space

●More than 3,000 rooms

●Immaculate theming and places to eat

There’s much to enjoy here.

If you want to gamble and feel like you’re in Italy, go to The Venetian. They’re one of the best-themed places in Vegas.

8. Foxwoods Casino & Resort

Foxwoods Casino & Resort is an incredible surprise in Mashantucket, Connecticut. It’s under the ownership of the Pequot Tribal Nation and offers an exciting experience for any visitor.

You will find the following at the Foxwoods:

Two golf courses

●Live entertainment

●One of the largest Native American museums in the world

●4,500 slot machines

●300 table games

There is plenty to see.

Whether you want to play a penny slot or take your chance at a table, there’s something here for you. Plus, you can enjoy playing golf or eating at one of 40 restaurants in your downtime.

9. Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

If you want an MGM property outside the standard cities, head to Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. It’s a 3.2-million-square-foot hotel, one of the biggest of its kind.

You’ll find these features at Beau Rivage:

●Almost 2,000 table games and slot machines

●85,000-square-foot casino floor

●State-of-the-art systems for gaming

There’s so much to enjoy in the tallest building in Mississippi.

There are 95 luxury suites in this resort, so if you want to stay and gamble in style, there’s plenty of room. There’s even a unique lounge for high-limit gambling.

As you can see, these 9 casinos offer a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy an elevated gambling experience! It can be pricey, however, to travel to them. So, if you don’t have the money for a gambling vacation this year, consider visiting the online Bitcoin casino MintDice and enjoying some fun casino games from the comfort of your home!

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