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RE: Reality Of Being A Steemians As A Nigerian

First of all, I am so sorry for being absent from the platform recently due to my the ascalation of the work load. Wish you and the team are in the best condition

These kinda problems are happening worldwide, what we can do in World Smile Project in Nigeria is find a sustainable solution for such a problem. I know that electricity is a public need and should be the government's responsibility.

The main concern of the WSP Nigeria which is rolled by @ubongudofot and WSP is the sustainability of the program and reasonable and also available budget for implementing a program

We may think of implementing Solar Panel Program for the most needed area, because it can be a more sustainable solution. Futhermore discussion can be done in our WSP International WA group

best regard

cc: @ubongudofot

 5 months ago 

Thank you very much sir for your response, and sure i would get intourch in our WA group.

I really appreciate.🙏

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