SEC-S16/W3 - "Who has the strongest influence on children?"

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Are we influenced by friends? @myskye




Hello my dear Steemians,


Today I wanted to invite you to the challenge running by Hindwhale Community:


Who has the strongest influence on children?


We all have been children and went through all the stages of growing up, that is why we all can look in ourselves and tell what and who has left impact in our establishment as a personality and our character.

There are different stages of our life when different people had significant roles and let's take a look at this stages:


We and our parents


Our first steps into this live is accompanied by our parents or maybe by one of our parents. It is the time when we see familiar face who cares about us and listen to their voice but also we hear the language. The babies absorb the language of their parents and surrounding without understanding initially but they just listen and learn step by step.

Mother gives a feeling of security and love, she is patient and ready to teach us everyday so that we feel comfortable in this world.

Fathers give a feeling of protector of family, who are strong and make sure that family has everything.

As children we just repeat what our parents do and behave ourselves in the same way. If our parents kind and polite we try to be like them. If the parents shout to each other and swear then often children become like that without warmth in their heart and without compassion to others.

Therefore, both parents have very important role in early years of every child, when we decide to create a family we have to remember that.


We and our teachers


Teachers play an important role in our education. Depending on how well they understand the psychology of a child and recognise his needs if a child is weak in any subject and to do everything to help this child this is a role of any good teacher.

If a child understands a subject and gets interested who knows maybe it will be a future Einstein or Darwin. Every child has a talent, good teacher could recognise that and help to develop it. That is why this stage of our development will leave an impact in the future of the individuals.


We and our siblings


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Many of us have siblings and we know each other very well, if we are older than we got to look and care after youngest one. The older brother will make sure that his youngest sister is save if they are playing outside or somewhere for example of playground alone, or even in school.

I do not have brother but I envy those who had older brothers, they were there to help.

If one has older sisters like me we played together, brought our youngest sister to nursery and picked up, helped with homework. We definitely had a lot of fun and till now we are close, the feeling of a big family is something we learn from our siblings.


We and our friends


When we reach teenager time we spend much time with our friends and share same interests that is something that unites us as group pf friends. It could be for short time but some friends remain for lifelong.

Often we share same interests like we love same music and often that can grow into such a strong relationship like "Rolling Stone" members.

There could be interest in computer and programming, so that they create a group of developers and can create something exciting in computer world.

We see now the movements of young people for climate protection, so take part in all the activities because of the same idea.

We dress up like our friends, we speak like our friends and behave ourselves. We want to look like our friends.

Important thing is to remain honest and respectful to others and also to recognise what are the best and worst features of people around us and pick up only good ones, so that you will be a good person.

All images created using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter by my husband @myskye


I would like to invite @alexey1976, @mytravelandscape, @bambuka for this challenge



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Peer influence cannot be underrated in any way.


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I have often thought about this fact about myself and I do agree, I think most of the weight of influence falls on my parents when it comes to certain character traits which I have developed as an individual - not all good ones... but for me, some of the most positive influence I have had in my life has come from authors and specific books I have read. They have helped me to change things about myself that I was not happy with, as well as to try and better myself as an individual.

I think my "actions" over the years have been influenced by those around me - such as friends and acquaintances - but not really my character. I have never really been one to try and be like others, mostly because a lot of the time, though we could happily socialise, I realised that more often than not, I did not really "connect with" or "like" certain aspects of others' characters... so perhaps the "not wanting to be like them" was more of an influence for me :)

I absolutely agree, we often notice that one or another feature of our character we got from from our parents. When we young we do not like to be like our parents but at the end we might find it not so bad.

I am glad that we finally established and often there is no way for change.

Very true :)

Most Important to Least Important:

Parents, Parents of my closest friends, Experiences/Mistakes, and Movies.

Yes, I agree, it is funny that throughout our life some of our views can be changed. Hope to the good one :)

 4 months ago 

Either it is a relationship of mother, father, siblings, friends and teachers according to your explanation and writing about both of them I conclude that every one is important and influential in the life of a children in its unique way but in first step of life children always leave with their parents that's why parents are the strongest pillars both character of their children and that have too much influence on their children then any other person.

I wish a lot of success to you in your participation

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