Economic Diarygame 15-02-2024 || Grocery shopping for new relatives

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Assalamualaikum all of my friends. How are you all? I hope you all are well. I am also fine. Today I am here to present to you my Economic Diarygame. Last 15-02-2024 I spent almost all days shopping for various food items, that's why I present my Economic Diarygame to you today.

The Economic Diarygame

1000013051.jpgPhoto taken by Samsung Galaxy S9+ Mobile

Last 16th I invited one of our new relatives to my house so last 15-02-2024 I was busy buying various food items to entertain them. So I woke up early in the morning, freshened up and went straight to a chicken farm near Asa's house with my uncle to buy 4 medium sized chickens. Then from the chicken farm we buy a total of 4 chickens weighing 3kg 800g for Bangladeshi 870 Taka or 34.8 Steem.

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After buying the chicken, I left the chicken at home and had breakfast and went to the market with my uncle to buy some fish. On reaching the market I went to a tea shop and had a cup of tea for Bangladeshi 5 Taka or 0.2 Steem. There was a lot of fish in the fish market and then we found some remarkable fish to entertain the guests.

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For our guests we buy Hilsa, the national fish of Bangladesh and another popular fish, Lobster. We buy 2K Hilsa fish at Bangladeshi 1000 Taka or 40 Steem per kg and Lobster at Bangladeshi 1100 Taka or 44 Steem per kg.

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After buying the fish, we went to the grocery store and bought a total of 4 kg of Polao rice at Bangladeshi 120 Taka or 4.8 Steem per kg. Also buy noodles, salt, dry chillies, milk powder, tomato sauce, raisins, curd and masala. After shopping in the raw market, we return home after 12 noon and take a bath and take lunch for rest.

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After waking up in the afternoon, I went to the market alone and went to an egg shop to buy some more. We buy a total of 30 eggs from the shop at the price of Bangladeshi 11 Taka or 0.44 Steem per egg. Then coconut milk is needed to increase the taste of shrimp fish, so I went to a coconut shop and bought 1 coconut from there at the price of Bangladeshi 120 Taka or 4.8 Steem.

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In the late afternoon I went to the beef shop in the market and bought a total of 4 kg of beef at Bangladeshi 2800 Taka or 112 Steem per kg. Then after the afternoon shopping I return to my house again in the evening. After returning home, I freshen up and calculate the day's purchases with my family. After eating at the right time, I fell asleep to rest.

But now I present to you my today product price list :

Product NameBangladeshi TakaSteem Price
Beef 4 KG2800 Taka112 Steem
Shrimp 1.5 KG1650 Taka66 Steem
Hilsa fish 1.5 KG1500 Taka60 Steem
Chicken 3.8 KG870 Taka34.8 Steem
Eggs 30 pieces330 Taka13.2 Steem
Coconut 1 piece120 Taka4.8 Steem
Polao rice 4 kg480 Taka19.2 Steem
Noodles 1 Packet160 Taka6.4 Steem
Sugar 1 Packet160 Taka6.4 Steem
1 packet of milk100 Taka4 Steem
Salt 1 packet30 Taka1.2 Steem
Cumin seeds 1 packet75 Taka3 Steem
Raisins 1 packet30 Taka1.2 Steem
Tomato sauce10 Taka0.4 Steem
Ghee75 Taka3 Steem


Thank you very much



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Wow , your presentation is so good. You spent excellent day and visited vegetable market,fish market. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing your nice diary game. Brother

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