How to draw a village Bengali dance scene?

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I took this picture above with samsung mobile.

Assalamu-alaikum my dear friends. I am Lamia. And I am from Bangladesh. How are you my steemian friends? I hope all of my dear steemian friends are well like me and At this time Alhamdulellah I am also fine. Today I present to you another wonderful scene of my painting which is basically a dance scene of village Bengal. It is the old culture of the tribals of our country that is why I am presenting this drawing to you now.

What are the necessary materials for drawing pictures?
  • Pencil.
  • Tissu.
  • Pencil cutter.
  • A4 size art paper.
  • Black marker.
  • Colour pencil box.
  • Scale.
Steps in drawing pictures

Step 1,

At the beginning of drawing, I draw a picture of a tribal girl on the left side of a white paper with all the drawing materials.


Step 2,

Draw a picture of another tribal girl next to the tribal girl.


Step 3,

Step 3 Draw a picture of another tribal girl next to the two tribal girls drawn.


Step 4,

Then I draw a picture of a man with a drum next to the three tribal girls.


Step 5,

Then draw a picture of a small hut with a big tree, a road around the drawn people.


Step 6,

Now paint the people in the picture blue and brown.


Step 7,

Then paint red, orange, black again on the drawn people and brown on the curves of the big trees drawn.


Step 8,

Finally, paint yellow, green, red, blue colors in the empty space of the image and finish the image drawing process.


Selfie of me with the picture drawn


Where did I get the idea of ​​drawing pictures?

I got the idea of ​​drawing this scene of tribal dance of Bangladesh presented today by watching Youtube vedio. Taking ideas from YouTube videos, I have drawn it with my own skill and creative way and presented to you my drawn scene in a simple step by step way that you might like. So now I am presenting the YouTube vedio link of drawing the picture that I got the idea of ​​drawing today's picture after watching.

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You drew perfect drawing. Really i like this drawing so much. You share step by step. Really so good. Thanks for sharing friend

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