All participants were magnificent. My favorite photographs of shadows were made @bdmillergallery, @luigi-the-gnome, @wakeupkitty.pal, @annephilbrick and @nelinoeva.

The black and white photograph of @bdmillergallery seemed very artistic. In addition, it included depth of field, perspective and light management. The gnome of @luigi-the-gnome was lovely and colorful. Congratulations to all the shadowhunters are amazing!

Thanks, @marcybetancourt! You always make such thoughtful comments! Thanks for that!

Thank you. You always so gentle!

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Awe .. Thank You! It makes me happy that you took the time to let me know you appreciate the photo and what went into creating it :-D

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Thank You...!!!!
And @shasta
Congratulations to the other winners.. 🤗💕

My pleasure @annephilbrick! :-)

Congratulations all 🙂

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oh wow the first one of @haastrecht is impressive and very original indeed !
Congratulations to all and ptn3pz.png much @melinda010100 , @shasta, and of course @esteemapp for the generous prize fund ! 😊

I didnt even understand it was a shadow! well, not momentarily. very intresting capture, I agree.

You are most welcome @luigi-the-gnome! I just love that pointy hat! :-)

Congratulations to the Shadow Contest 101 winners!!! 👏💯👏

I didn’t expect that. Thanks for the honour.

Thanks for supporting the contest!

Oh thanks i really appreciate.

Felicitaciones amiga @kgwork

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Wow! That first image, by @haastrecht, is really cool! Thanks for selecting my image too :-)

Congratulations 🎉 everyone! :-)
So many fantastic shadows! Thank you all for entering!
Thank you @melinda010100 for all you do, great fun and wonderful engagement!
Real enjoyment to see all the different creative awesome shadows each week!

Thanks so much for all your help this week!
!TIP 1.0

Really a pleasure @melinda010100! Thank you for the opportunity!
and the !!!! :-)

I'll try again!

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Thank you so much for choosing my photo and congrats to the other winners! 😀

Thanks for supporting the contest!

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for the prize.
A big hurray for @esteemapp for sponsering this special contest.
A great weekend to.all of you. 💕

Congrats and thanks for supporting the contest! ❤️

Felicitaciones a todos los participantes, son sombras muy bellas.
Felicito igualmente a todos los ganadores!! especialmente a @wakeupkitty, una bella y artística sombra.

Congratulations to all participants, they are very beautiful shadows.
I congratulate all the winners! especially @wakeupkitty, a beautiful and artistic shadow.

Thanks for supporting the contest, my friend!

 last year (edited)

Es un verdadero placer participar amiga @melinda010100

It is a real pleasure to participate friend @ melinda010100

Oh COOL!! My Photo made the cut! Thank you @melinda010100 and @shasta. :-D

Congrats to you! I hope you enter again this week!

You are most welcome @bdmillergallery! Very awesome photo! :-)

Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

@wakeupkitty.pal's shadow is a nice one.

Great shadows! Especially that drone shot, wow that is super cool!

I love seeing great drone photography! It's quite fascinating, isn't it? I had to re adjust my whole perspective!

Yes and I'm glad you explained that picture to us!

Thank you! And congrats to all winners!

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And you reminded me that I need to go into bets.steemit today! Great shadow photo. Thanks for entering!

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