Introducing the Ultra-Running Community On Steemit / HiveMind

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I'm testing Steemit communities (code name: hive mind) which are available now on

Here's the initial post:

Feel free to subscribe, ask questions, contribute.

Let's see what we can do with this.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, blogger and ultrarunner. You can find me mainly on my blog at Dragos Roua where I write about productivity, business, relationships and running. Here on Steemit you may stay updated by following me @dragosroua.

Dragos Roua

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It's free to use, but if you think this is a useful addition, I'd appreciate your witness vote.

Thank you!

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looking good...

that will be great for all the members community will be the next big things :)

@tipu curate :)

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 15/20 - need recharge?)

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

Resteemed by @runningproject

...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .

Not sure I'll ever be an ultra runner, but hope you can find others to be part of it.

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)