Is this the end or a new beginning ?

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After reading this post The Power Of Steem: It Keeps Getting Copied, I decided to write a new one. I've been on steem for more than 2 years and 7 months. I learned everything about it. I used a lot of applications, I interviewed a lot of steemians and I did everything to grow and to improve here and to promote steem at the same time.

When I see the creator of steem telling that he'll use all the content created on steemit in the other project he want to create on the top of eos, of course I worry. I think steemians didn't give permission to anyone to use their content. Should we sue the guy if he really gonna use our content to build something else ? lol

Of course I think that we can't do anything about that because the project is open source. It's maybe written in the terms, I don't know. That our content will be used and we have just to accept that ! I don't know. Will also applications will use our content. I don't know about that either.

I was always creating and never thought that I need to protect my content somehow. I thought a decentralized world is heaven. But, maybe that was my fault when I didn't read all the terms or maybe missed something there. As being told by a few reputed steemians to me. That's the price you pay for decentralization, accepting everything going on.

After spending so many times here I don't want to give up on steem. I don't want to give up on the reputation that I built. I want to keep going. And who knows, maybe that will benifit us all and Daniel Larimer will pay us for using our content. I don't know. I'm just a little creator in this wide crypto world. I need to learn more and more !

Those are my feeling and those are my thougths about what @taskmaster4450 wrote in his post.

Let me know what do you think please.

Should we think about joining voice now ?


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