The diary game || season 3 || 13-04-2021

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I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom to brush. I come home fresh after brushing. There is a lot of work today because the month of Ramadan starts from tomorrow. Must fast. So I am preparing a lot from today. The whole house needs to be cleaned today.


So I got up early in the morning, made breakfast and called everyone for breakfast. Then Babu woke up much earlier. I freshened him up and fed him some light food.

Then I picked up all the bed sheets in the house and washed them. Then I took all the dirty clothes and put them all together and soaked them with detergent.

I wiped the house with these for a while. After wiping the house, I went to wash the clothes. It took a long time to wash all the clothes. Now I am going to match the clothes on the roof. I came with these and wiped the things in the house. Then I brought Babu to take a bath.


It's too hot. So I bathed Babu with cold water. After taking a bath, I dressed him. It's very hot now, so I just put on a thin underwear and thin pants. Then I gave him some light food again.

Eating food will sleep in his eyes now. After putting him to sleep, I went to do the handiwork again. I kept a few bottles of water in the fridge for a while. It will be useful to break the fast. It is very hot now so cold water is needed more. I did a lot more work in the afternoon and then went to take a bath.

After taking a bath, I came home and ate lunch. After lunch I came to rest for a while but I didn't want to rest anymore. I got up early and then I made some spices for tomorrow. In fact, we need a lot of things to break the fast in Ramadan, so we have to prepare them in advance, so today's work is much more. Then I went to the roof to pick up the clothes.


When I went to the roof, I saw that the view from outside was very beautiful, so I did some photography from the moon. Then I bring the clothes and put them in all the rooms. Then I went to put the chickens in their house.

Poultry My mother-in-law takes care of most of them. I help them a little sometimes. I made tea for everyone in the evening. We all sit together and have breakfast. There was some more work to be done after breakfast and I fixed them later. Then I wanted to draw a picture. So I sat down to draw a picture.


I couldn't finish drawing the picture. Babu was crying. I brought him to feed him. Eat him, he was still doing a lot of mischief. So I spent some time with Babu. Today I feel very tired after working all day. So I thought I would go to bed soon. I have to get up again in the morning to eat sehri. So I put Babu to sleep and went to bed.

That was my story all day today.


After a long time you have taken the art book in hand. Hope to get a picture of your art soon

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Your dairy game is really good

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