The Most Beautiful places in srilanka

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Hii steemians

I will represent about our country most beautiful places .i think whole area's very beautiful. So i will show some places through the place. Adam's peak occupies an important place among those places

  • adam's peak



This is a very famous place and locals and foreigners come to see it, it is a bit bitter to cross, that bitterness gives beauty and inspiration. This place is located in Hatton Srilanka. All religions cross this place.

It is located at the highest point in a mountain range. There are different religious ideologies. Therefore, people of all faiths go to see this and Buddhists go to pay homage to it.

images (2).jpeg

images (1).jpeg

You can experience the beauty on both sides when crossing this. Fruit streams, waterfalls, forest on both sides. I think there is hardly anyone in this country who has not climbed this. All climb with inspiration.


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