Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions of Week 117!!!

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Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.39.51 AM.png


1st Place - 7 STEEM
2nd Place - 3 STEEM
3rd Place - 2 STEEM

HONORABLE MENTIONS will receive 0.50 STEEM!!!!!

Guest judges will now receive 5 STEEM for judging the contest! Please contact me if you are interested in judging!!

You may enter as many times as you would like but only the best will be considered!!! Also please only enter your original work as a photographer or subject in the photo!! I will be checking for original work!

Contest begins Monday after the announcement post is made and ends the following Friday at Midnight!


Use #portraitcontest as one of your tags

Only post original work as a photographer or subject in the photo.

If you want your entry to be seen and considered please paste it into tomorrow's announcement!

That's it!

@bil.prag was the Judge!!

3rd place


like how it looks straight from the camera

2nd place


focus is on the shirt but model won me over :)

1st place


Overall great peace of art work

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order)




Thank you to everyone for your participation this week!!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a new round!

Here are last weeks winners!

#portraitcontest is on discord!!! Join us!!

@portraitcontest is a manual curator for PhotoStreem!!! Use the #photography, #creativecoin and #palnet tags to receive those tokens as well as steem!

banner 1.jpg


Thank you!

Congratulations to the winners!!! :)

Nice shots, everyone! 😊

Wow!!! Thank you for including our little patotie for this week' gallery.. Congrats all!! ❤❤❤

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I guess this is an interesting contest and I want to join as well. I'll think of a nice theme first. I have some photos already here stored in my smart phone and I'll just try to choose which will be my entry guys. The entries you showed here are nice and photography is a nice talent and professional photographers can really give us attractive pictures as well. Professionals will give you a tip to know where is your perfect angle too. And to get good pictures one should have good lighting and that's an important tip guys.