Introducing: AltYes - The New Way to Share Your Content

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Hello World. Wide. Web.

We are FullAlt, here today, to introduce you to our first product - AltYes. We have every intention, nay, we will, deliver what we say we will, as FullAlt releases each new toy for you. Our niche is the world wide web, the internet itself, the information superhighway! You get what we mean. Our primary goal is to tokenize the entire thing starting with - AltYes.

Tokenizing The Web?

Yes. AltYes is providing a very user-friendly interface to completely socialize the internet on an unprecedented level. In the same manner, AltYes is tokenizing the entire world wide web as well. By harnessing the power of the Steem blockchain and nurturing people’s desire to be a unified social network, people will be able to share anything they find noteworthy to and from any major site – including the Steem blockchain itself – all with a simple browser extension and mobile application (coming soon). (From the whitepaper which can be found on our website -

Wait, I Can Share Anything?

YES. From any page you are currently on to any of the major social networks we have currently provided. Are you on Reddit? Share it to Facebook. Tweet what you shared on Facebook. Share your Twitter feed to a Telegram group. Don't forget to add it as an update over on LinkedIn! Oh ya, and by all means, share it here, where we were born, on the Steem blockchain.

Let's say you are browsing Amazon and find an item and you just have to have it. Share it to your Facebook feed and tell everyone it's on your wishlist! Maybe you are over on YouTube and come across a sweet new music video? Tweet that puppy out! Or how about you just happen to be on Wikipedia and find something you just know your followers over here on Steem will love to read about. Add yourself a description and viola! Posted to your blog. How convenient!

The Problems We Are Addressing

Let it be known, we here at AltYes LOVE the Steem blockchain and are thrilled to be a part of it. We also visit other sites, spaces and places across the web and in doing so, have identified several problems we feel we have the answers for. Let’s start with the Steem experience itself.
  • Resteems
As the Steem blockchain has gone through its growing pains, some new things have developed and appeared that are widely deemed as making it a more user-friendly interface. There is the option to ‘resteem’ a post where it will appear in your feed reel for others to see. That’s all fine and dandy, but it presents a few problems. The first being, there is also an option to ‘hide resteems’ on several of the front ends used to display posts so more often than not, those resteems will be ignored.
  • Sharing 'Globally'
On the Steem blockchain itself, we see posts on a regular basis that are nothing more than a brief synopsis of another article they read elsewhere. Sometimes people put up a music video that they just watched and liked and wanted to share. We’ve even seen what some could probably classify as the next problem we’ve identified.
  • Free Ads
There is nothing a company loves more than free advertising and we do it almost with a blind infatuation. No joke! Just think about it. Someone may share a post about a news story about what they just saw on CNN. Somebody has probably written about a meal they had at lets's say - OLIVE GARDEN. Another person has probably already written out their entire wish list of items they have starred over on AMAZON. You see what we’re getting at yet?

The Solution?!?

One simple extension for your favorite browser. This will allow people to share someone else’s Steem post, to their own personal blog, and still give the other person credit for it!
A beneficiary option with adjustable rewards is in play to give thanks to them for their hard work. Also, to prevent it from becoming a virtual spam creator, we have mandated that people add an original description in our provided ‘Yes Box’. On AltYes, you’re welcome to share anything you wish, as long as you also incorporate your own original thoughts in the expandable content box.

We also aim to build on the natural tendency to share while mitigating the exploitative behavior that is often attributed to this act on the Steem blockchain. Our goal is to provide utility to both the AltYes users and the Steem investors and ecosystem.

What’s that? Your bestie posted on Facebook that they’re having a baby? Awesome! Let’s share it to Steem via AltYes. Who knows? Maybe you can then use the rewards to get them a gift for their baby shower!

Did you see that tweet Ashton Kutcher just made? I was totally ROTFLMAO! I’m sharing it to Steem with AltYes. He’s hilarious. And like, O-M-G, Lily-Rose Depp is making a new movie, I just gotta give it a Yes too and put it on Steem. Not just any yes, an AltYes.

And finally, but surely not limited to, we come to the free advertising. We’re going to ‘pay ourselves’ and each other harnessing AltYes. Your friend needs more likes and is trying to sell some candles on their Facebook page? Let me just give it a Yes – by sharing it from AltYes. You love Papa John’s pizza that much you want to share one of their deals? Go ahead and give it a Yes! Eventually, you’ll make enough for your next order! Wasn't Papa John’s was the first business to accept Bitcoin?

Wait, I Only See 5 Tags?

This took a while to effectively decide upon how many tags we wanted to allow with such a fresh new way to spread content around. With our anti-spam efforts, we decided to limit it to only 5. This will first of all, force a person to (possibly) select which community they desire it to appear in. The initial default tag will be our own community, FullAlt. Second, it will subtly demand a person properly categorize their content being shared by using only very relevant tags. We hope this will hinder a lot of the 'token raping' we see so prevalent on chain these days.

Before We Get Too Far Ahead

You will probably need to download this masterpiece, right? The first installment of this Alpha Launch will be available to users of the Firefox web browser. We have already submitted it to the Google Play store and it will be ready soon. Brave and Netbox also pull their extensions from the play store, so those three will be available at the same time. We have also submitted it to Opera for people that prefer that interface. If you would like to be notified as soon as these come out, please sign up on the website to receive email notifications.

The FireFox Download

Below this paragraph, you will find a video guide on how to download and install the AltYes extension for your browser. Once completed, you can add your account credentials in the appropriate boxes and begin sharing to your heart's content! If you feel comfortable already and are on Firefox right now, you can INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD IT BY CLICKING HERE!


This was mentioned earlier, but do allow us to elaborate. Hopefully, by now, you can start to see how we are tokenizing the entire internet in one fell swoop. The AltYes extension (and later dApp) will give any user, even ones not on the Steem blockchain, the ability to share things to other social networks. As it catches on and grows, we fully believe that AltYes will also bring a new awareness to the Steem blockchain and help prepare the masses for its adoption.

Every time you share something using AltYes, it will say “Shared via AltYes” down in the bottom corner effectively advertising ourselves. Curiosity is a beautiful thing and that short, linked credential will spawn a whole new breed of Steem users. If they do not already have a profile on the blockchain, there will be directions on how this can be accomplished, once they are ready, by clicking the appropriate link(s).

But How Do I?

A video will be made available in the next 24 hours with a walk through of how you can use the extension. If you are curious and want to proceed on FireFox now, by all means, share away! I promise, we will not try to stop you. As updates and modifications are made, we will be sure to let you know.

It Has Been A Process

We have gone through over a dozen different versions already debating this and weighing that, and we are sure it will adapt and mutate as it grows and becomes its own entity. There were several people that helped in all of this and at this time, we would like to thank them for their cooperation, participation and most of all, patience.

Contributors (“The STEEM Team”)

  • @enginewitty – United States witness on the Steem blockchain with creative and literary skills harnessed for AltYes. “The magic-making guru.”
  • @guiltyparties – Canadian witness on the Steem blockchain with the technical capacity to help in the engineering of AltYes. “The man making Steem better, behind the scenes.”
  • @inthenow – US citizen, puts the create into creative! Knows his way around graphic design and several other artistic venues. “We got this.”
  • @jackmiller – Australian witness on the Steem blockchain that has the vision and mindset to put all of this together for AltYes. “Always thinking out of the box.”
  • @mahdiyari – From Iran and witness on the Steem blockchain, is the primary coder and developer behind AltYes. “The contractor of choice, expedient & reliable.”

All of the above listed Steemians have contributed heavily to date to help make this idea come to life.

'Witty's Angels' (PR Team)
  • @priyanarc - chosen for her social media prowess and vlogging skills.
  • @prettynicevideo - selected for her vlogging and perfectionism.
  • @kaerpediem - picked to further social media awareness and vlogging abilities.
  • @saffisara - a heavy mobile user assigned to break the app.
Product Testers (All Volunteers)

Thank You!

We sincerely appreciate the time you all put in to help get this beautiful ball rolling. It will not be taken for granted not forgotten and we hope you continue to help out as best you can along the way with AltYes. This is merely the beginning, I hope everyone is ready for this!

We Want Your Feedback!

Everything we roll out here at FullAlt will hit the website before it goes anywhere else. I highly suggest taking the time to bookmark it when you have the chance. Below, you will find several social links, including one to our discord server where you can ask any questions or offer up possible ideas for future versions. We do hope you enjoy it as much as we do and really look forward to what we have in store! Enjoy AltYes.

"Tokenizing the web."


This seems like a really awesome and helpful project! Reminds me of that share2steem app that disappeared a while back. I used it and was bummed to see it go, so this is great news for me. :D

I have two questions right now. And maybe you've answered these elsewhere, but, I haven't read everything and might as well just ask.

First question is, do you plan on adding other social media in the future like Instagram for example? I didn't see that one on your list and it's a pretty popular social media.

Second question is... I posted to steem just fine and it worked, though, I'm having trouble posting to Facebook, is that feature not implemented yet or am I just doing something wrong?

When I click share for Facebook nothing happens and I don't see where/how to log into my Facebook account through the app? Thanks for any help you can offer!

PS Share2steem was never able to get posting to Facebook to work, so if you managed to do that and it works I think I'm going to fall in love with this app and hopefully get a number of other people to use it as well!

 4 years ago 

With the Facebook/Instagram integration, we will put Instagram on there and initially, it was on the pallet to start with. We opted first for more strictly social sites instead of media based ones.

I know it works well and my suggestion would be to check to see if you have pop-ups enabled as it will surface another smaller window to post to Facebook/Twitter etc. Look for the 'How To' video to be released today and maybe that will help!

Thanks for the answers and quick response.
Ahh. I see. Good to know.
I just turned pop-ups on and it works now. Thanks!
I have a follow up question now if you don't mind.
Is there a way to post to Facebook through the app, without including a link?

The reason I ask is because I rarely ever post links on Facebook as the algorithm to my knowledge does not favor links compared to regular text or pictures and more often than not when I post links they get almost zero engagement compared to text and pictures.

 4 years ago 

This is designed to share links and various content to other platforms so I imagine simply posting a picture or a brief message without a relay would fall into the actual posting category. This is not a front-end but rather a bridge. I hope that answers your question.

Oh. I see. That's a bummer. Guess this won't help me with posting stuff to Facebook then as links are basically a lost cause on that site for me for the most part in my opinion.

Share2steem had it where you could upload content from Instagram to steem as well and copied the same content over, I don't know exactly how they did it... But, I think they used tags somehow and Facebook doesn't really use tags in a similar way to my knowledge so I'm guessing that's why they had trouble replicating it over there.

I'm not sure if there's any way for your team to think about this or possibly work on a feature where you could "cross post" in general as opposed to being limited to "cross posting links", but, even if you never address that or are unable to, I still think your app is pretty cool... It allows me to post stuff to steem easier in some ways which is awesome. Though... So far the two things I shared only received 12 upvotes each and no comments which seems a lil weird, but, it may just be because what I shared wasn't very compelling. I'll continue to try it out and see if it's beneficial. Thanks!

 4 years ago 

We can definitely take it into consideration and put it on the plate for future updates and see if it's a pssoibility!

Cool! :) I subscribed to your email list earlier, so, hopefully I'll be notified of that update if it ever happens in the future someday. Peace!


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wow if this can replace @share2steem like @algocoder had created and which is down, then we could all have a VERY much needed service, honestly having share2steem for youtube instagram and twitter was all we needed, SOME steemians like sin city instagram sf photograpgher man that wa sso cool when i saw GOOD content on instagrama nd notcied the STEEM hashtag? it was great! WE NEED that back we are liek a secret CLub of ELITE we ERALLy are ... but steem was SO IONCLUSIVE.

STEEM is so undervalued we are SO CLOSE we JUST have to gop out and talk to a few more peoiple :D show off what we have our BIG PICTURE the BIG STORy we need DOPCUMNETRAY FILM ABOUT STEEM for VICE AND MOTHERBOARD


..SELF CORRECTINga nd ANTI FRAGILE... we LITERALY PAY peopel to FIGURE OUT how to AMKE tyehc hain wqork BETTER andmore democratiuc!

I was one of the testers for this project, it is a great way to share across all social media sites.
It is a great tool to have in your social media toolbox.

 4 years ago 

And we hope you continue to use it as it will only improve! Thank you for your dedication to the project thus far :)

I was honored to be one of the testers and this DAPP rocks! Thank you @enginewitty and team for putting together an outstanding plugin!

 4 years ago 

We aren't stopping here and thank you for putting up with the evolution as we went through it!

With the community in place now, whats the plan to provide community cross posting ? Because that's going to be the next ask from every interface.

 4 years ago 

Crossposting is a brand new concept specific to Steempeak. It may or may not survive the trials. We'll see how it goes!

So actually you bring nothing new and only share a link?

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looks great

 4 years ago 

We hop you try it out!

I like your team! solid Steemians. I'll give this a go soon. Good job.

 4 years ago 

Excellent, let us know what you think of it!

Fantastic idea! What are the marketing plans?

 4 years ago 

As it is in its infancy, we are spreading it across the blockchain (especially since we were born here) and as it grows, we are looking to advertise on other social media sites and as our budget grows, every nook and cranny of the web.

help for my friend ayuda para mi amiga
help me share ayudame a compatir

I was loving what I was reading until I saw the team behind, and now, let's get ready to raaaaamble!

Lame I know, sue me.

On the real though, kudos. I will be trying it out though my social media presence pretty much limited to steem and youtube

 4 years ago (edited)

!giphy lets+get+ready+to+rumble

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Pleasure working with all these people, lemme tell you. Very easy going and on task.

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Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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I am going to try it
seems amazing

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 4 years ago 

Excellent, do let us know what you think!

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