Solidarity in times of crisis

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Hello to all my friends at Project Hope!

I want to write this post to highlight the importance of solidarity in difficult times of our lives.

Solidarity is considered as a value that is mainly characterized by the collaboration between individuals that allows us to overcome certain difficult situations and where we care about other people. Solidarity with others, is to perform acts where help is provided either emotionally, monetarily to those in need without expecting anything in return, you just want to feel the satisfaction of being able to support others in a given circumstance.

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Solidarity allows us to overcome the adversities that may arise throughout life, when we are supportive we do not hesitate to seek ways to support the other, it is a disinterested help, it is voluntary. By recognizing the needs of others we act and try to offer solutions, there is the greatest willingness to put the best of ourselves to achieve common goals that benefit those who are disadvantaged.

Now, since the pandemic began we have seen daily news about the importance of solidarity, on the one hand many families have been affected economically to the point of losing their jobs and need to cover their needs especially food, on the other hand to be in solidarity to combat the various situations generated as a result of what has hit us since last year. All this has encouraged the help of many people who contribute in different ways according to their possibilities. There are many ways to express solidarity, from a prayer, a meal, a medicine, a contribution of money for the multiple expenses that are generated, messages that have a great value.

There are companies that donate medical supplies, people who donate food for the needy, people who help the elderly, in short, we can all contribute a grain of sand.

Based on the personal experience lived weeks ago, where my whole family was affected by the virus infection, a total of 6 people, including me and where unfortunately my dad could not win the battle, and where we are still recovering physically and emotionally I can highlight the importance of solidarity, as there were many people who supported us and continue to accompany us, including friends of this community @cryto.piotr, @josevas, @juanmolina, @yanetyanez, thank you very much to everyone.

In these difficult times, especially due to the economic situation that our country is going through, solidarity is essential to overcome this pandemic. Despite being isolated at no time we have felt alone, we received many expressions of support from our families, friends, co-workers, and people that perhaps we did not even know and that upon learning of what happened did not hesitate to collaborate.

This whole pandemic situation has definitely turned us all upside down, revealing how fragile we can be in the face of certain global events. However, it is demonstrated that solidarity always prevails in times of crisis and it is possible to overcome adversity.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


Greetings my dear friend @yusvelasquez, I am glad to see this writing, which shows that you are in full recovery, from this community has always been perceived at a glance the solidarity of the team, some colleagues have kept us informed of your recovery. In these difficult moments, humanism is evident, I hope with all my heart that you and emilo continue in full recovery.

It was a pleasure for me to greet you, may God bless you and fill you with good health. See you later, greetings to my friend emilio.

Hi my friend!
Thanks for your comment. That's right, in this community it has become clear that we are a team and that we are attentive to support at all times and that is very valuable. We move forward hand in hand with God! Take care, greetings!

Hello @yusvelasquez

I think that one of the best things, or at least the most positive of the many that the Covid-19 pandemic crisis has left us, is that we have somehow become more supportive of our fellow men. Nice reading, thank you for dedicating these lines to us.

Best regards, be well.

Hello @lupafilotaxia!
That's right, these moments have highlighted the big heart that many people have and care about helping others. Greetings!

Hi @yusvelasquez
Undoubtedly, solidarity is an essential part of what we all need when the personal situation is complicated, and if we add to that a difficult country situation, it becomes more difficult to carry it to a good end.
I am sorry for your family loss, however, we come out of everything stronger, and we have to keep moving forward, although the absences affect us.
Thanks for the mention, it is good to see you publishing again, and keep moving forward.

Hi @josevas217!
Truly that without the help of our closest ones is a very difficult situation to overcome, for I thank everyone and as you say we must move forward. Take care, greetings!

Greetings @yusvelasquez, a living example of solidarity is this community called Project Hope, all its members and especially the leaders have been in solidarity with many of us, as we have received that support in times of difficulty like you I must thank @crypto.piotr for their collaboration for the acquisition of medicines for my son Mathias when he was convalescing.

Excellent publication

Hello @carlir!
Yes, it is a community that has been characterized by maintaining a closer relationship with its members and get to feel like family with whom we can count on in such situations. Thanks for your comment, greetings!

Life has evolved in communities and it has been proven that you can't do a great job if you're on your own. The team, the hope, the brotherhood and the solidarity will always be good company to reach our goals.

Definitely for many things we need the support of others, in unity there is strength. Thanks for commenting!

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