Zapper Rewards 🏆 is LIVE!

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image.png is known for DeFi asset management, easy LP investment like this
Go here and connect your wallet,
You can check all your tokens in the dashboard.

They added a reward feature in this dashboard!


Connect your wallet everyday and claim daily rewards(xp) for free.

This daily quest is free and no gas fee. Just sign the transaction which doesn't cost anything and earn XP everyday.

You can also complete other quests for more XP like

  • Add/Remove Liquidity from Liquidity Pool
  • Exchange some tokens.

You can earn a lot more XPs from these quests but doing these quests, you have to pay ETH gas fees... which can be VERY expensive.
Right now gas is about 22 gwei, so its not horrible but still costs about $5 for a transaction. And you have to pay fees few times to complete the quests so it adds up.

What do you get from this?

When you collect enough XP you will level up and will be able to claim these NFTs.

Some NFT requires level 2, others requires level 10 depends on the token.

I got this one for doing some quests.

Which is about $30 right now, but once you claim the token it is yours so you can sell it for more(or less)

Season 1 will run for 2 months only and it seems like these token supplies are limited so these could go up in price in the future... who knows.

You can read more details here 👇
Zapper is Leveling Up⚡

SWAPSPACE Fast Crypto Exchange 👇


hello @tomoyan,
the rates are out of my budget, but I find it interesting that you can already earn NTF, this is a sign that this market is quietly growing.

Definitely it will be worth giving it a try out

This looks quite promising and the limited token supply makes it look an interesting investment of time