Project HOPE Contest: Vote and Win Update #1

in Project HOPE8 months ago


Project HOPE Contest: Vote and Win 100 STEEM!

Original contest post & How to enter ☝️

You will have a chance to win STEEM!

Only 21 Entries so far!


If I get 100 entries, I will add more SBD prizes!

More chance to WIN 💪
Tell all your friends and family, spread the word and VOTE VOTE VOTE!

SWAPSPACE Fast Crypto Exchange 👇


It's great to see my comment added to the list.

Thanks for this great opportunity 😊

Great initiative! I observe you a lot of potential, I already start to make my entry to participate, happy afternoon.

This is absolutely an amazing contest I guess. I just found this this evening and I can't wait to make my own submission.

Resteemed to bring more exposure to your post @tomoyan

I almost forget about the sreenshot. You can also check that here :



Hi. What can I do?

ah you are using proxy to gtg right now @jozef230
so go there and "Clear Proxy" first and then you can vote again.

 8 months ago 

I just voted a moment ago as well @tomoyan :)

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