Project HOPE Contest: Vote and Win 100 STEEM!

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Some of you may already know, our friend @xpilar recently became a witness for this platform and you can read his story here.
Ask your witness, who they are and what they do

Here is my story. I have been a member of PH for a long time and I am still here because of this community. PH community is lead by @crypto.piotr and his team members. They have been working hard to make this community successful. There is no doubt about it.

But behind their success, there is another person who supported this community that is @xpilar
He has his own community called "WORLD OF XPILAR" and it's been hugely successful, but also he has been supporting many other communities including Project HOPE. He cares about Steemit, all our communities and members.
So this time, we should show our appreciation and support him for voting as our witness!


Anybody can enter and has a chance to win prizes!

What you need to do? 👇


Go here and vote for @xpilar.witness.

Or you can also use this link to vote.
When you vote, make sure to use your Private Active Key
(if you have already voted for him, skip to #2)


Leave a comment below with a screenshot of your vote.
Go here and search your account like this and take a screenshot of your vote 👇


Please reesteem this post so that more people will know more about xpilar, his vision and his contributions to this blockchain.
And also more people will know about this contest and win prizes!

Easy 3 steps. That is all!


100 STEEM will be divided by 10 members. Winners will be picked randomly from the comments below and prizes will be sent out from @tomoyan at the end of the contest.

If we have only 1 entry. 100 STEEM will go to that member (or less than 10 entries, 100 STEEM will be divided by that number)

This contest will end on 5/31/2021 and winners will be announced the following week. So go Vote soon!

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Hello, here my support to @xpilar.

I hope for many successes along the way



For me it is an honor to support @xpilar to be a witness in steemit, in particular I would like to see a great alliance between Project hope and the #WORDL OF XPILAR.

Here in steemit will be great the #project hope of the hand of our leader @crypto.piotr and with alliance of @xpilar.

Greetings and great success friends


Greetings here my support to @xpilar, I hope you continue with your great work.


I love supporting @xpilar to be a witness in steemit. Interesting is this alliance between Project hope @crypto.piotr and the #WORDL OF XPILAR. @tomoyan


Hi @tomoyan
Very good initiative. I totally agree in what you say, @xpilar has been someone who unconditionally helped so much, so many users on this platform, that deserves the support of all. I particularly voted for him the same day he applied and made the publication of his application.

Here I leave the screenshot:


 3 years ago 



Excellent initiative friend @tomoyan, in fact you are right in saying that @xpilar supports many communities, but also supports many, many people, especially Venezuelans, and I am sure that we will all support our witness @xpilar.witness

I am sure that all of us who make life within the project-hope will also support the witness @xpilar.witness

Hello @lanzjoseg, please, how do I find my name in the list? It changes constantly but I don't see my name. Thanks

 3 years ago 

Hola aquí tienes la imagen, suerte


Thanks @lanzjoseg. Have a nice day. Greetings

Esta es mi entrada para apoyar a @xpilar.witness

I hope I'm not punished for the old witnesses ha ha....

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 6.46.03 PM.png

lol im not ... but who knows 😂😂😂


Happy to support the cause.

Please suggest more forward thinking witnesses for me to vote for

I have heard a lot about @xpillar, he is a very dedicated person on Steemit.
And thanks @tomoyan for sharing the process of voting for the witness. First time.

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