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RE: Crypto Space BLEEDING OUT? BUCKLE UP - recent correction AIN'T OVER just yet [my personal expectations]

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Hi @crypto.piotr, historically it has been found that after an increase in the ascending slope of the BTC (rise) comes a resounding fall, and this can be analyzed in great depth by financial market statisticians, making their corresponding predictions, certainly the months of December and January register big movements in the stock market and crypto assets do not escape from it.

In the case of the influence of this behavior of abrupt rises and falls on large investors, it is to be believed that they will be very afraid of risking investing in a market that on many scales its behavior cannot be predicted with certainty and results in a retraction of the investments placed, logically.
I particularly think that we are still in full development of a financial market aimed at crypto assets that has not yet consolidated enough to gain the absolute confidence of large investors, the behaviors and trends, the variables that positively influence and negatively in the upward or downward movements of the BTC price, you have to spend a lot of time identifying which are these sinternal and external variables to properly predict the feasibility or positive return that an investment (broadly speaking) can leave you in this market .

I had my successes and mistakes at the time when I witnessed for the first time a succulent rise in BTC and in a short time a resounding fall that left a market depressed for a long time there between 2016 and 2017.

These topics are very extensive and deserve to be included as an academic subject in the university, finances are not square and here is a new vertex to explore.

See you soon

 3 years ago 

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts @tocho2

I absolutely appreciate it.

ps. I've seen your first post within PH. I already bookmarked it and will read tomorrow with fresh brain.

Cheers, Piotr

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