SOS Scam alert Do not fall for this TRX tron scam

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Do not fall for this TRX Airdrop scam !!!

airdrops are almost always welcome

If you are in crypto then you must be aware of the the idea of a crypto airdrop.

Either you sign up for an airdrop or based on the crypto you hold you are airdropped some tokens or coins.

The latter is a convenient way of getting an airdrop. It is passive and easy money you may say.

However it has also become the modus operandi for a con or a scam.

Ever wondered how a harmless passive crypto airdrop can harm you?

As at the end of the day an airdrop is some passive money sitting in your wallet.

Let us check the way the scam works

If you have some TRX tron then you are the likely target of one such scam
So let us start by checking your wallet address using a site like
Enter your wallet address and if you have some substantial balance of trx then you are likely to see some additional tokens like

Uniswap and the list goes on


Try to spot large number of coins or tokens airdropped or the value of airdrop being a few hundred or more USD.

If you are wondering what is wrong with these airdrops then let us take instswap

click on the token link and it takes you to the token page
Its website link is

  • A Project which airdrops you with 700 tokens worth hundreds of USD with a single page landing page site.(Looks fishy)
  • No project details and no team no whitepaper (Looks fishy)
  • No social media links
    If you were to open the site (Please do not trust such sites as they can have scripts running in the background)

The homepage is a trap


The homepage shows the value of inst token as 34.67 TRX
So if you have received 700 tokens the value would be 700 X 34.67= 24269TRX
Now at $0.02824 per trx this works to about $685.35656 of free money.
If you are happy and want to convert it to TRX BTC or any other crypto then you are likely to click the Swap INST token
or Clain Free INST token

Beware both these buttons are a trap

The moment you click on these buttons, the page would attempt to connect to your trx wallet and if successful would ask you to sign a message using your wallet.
In this process it would transfer TRX from your wallet and you would be duped.

Beware of such scams

Here I have named a few tokens however these are only a few names every day the scammers dump the old sites and start new ones as it is easy to create and bulk send zero value tokens on this blockchain and scammers are using this trick

Do a search for the token

Before you hit the swap or Claim button DYOR by searching for the token name .
Chances are someone may have raised a red flag.

Please share this post to spread the word

Also information is the only shield we can use to guard and protect our crypto

Please take action

Guys this is serious. Please spread the word. Share this post so that we can protect people from such scams.




@thetimetravelerz - Very helpful article for scam alert on Tron/TRX Ecosystem. And million thanks to @crypto.piotr for notifying me on this valuable post.

Have a super great day.

Thanks @andyjim for reading my post and making a comment
I am encouraged to make more post and bring more useful content.
Thanks for stopping by

Great post... i actually know about it after @crypto.piotr send me a memo!
I was really wondering what's the deal with all this TRC10 tokens, as i notice that my TRX wallet is keep on adding them...
By the way; this is the way my TRX wallet looks like:


As you can see i have the following: Aave (Aave), HostKIO (KIO), IPShare (IPS), InstSwap (INST), MBOXSwap (MBOX), NewYearGifts (NYG), PeerCash (PEER), UnicSwap (UNC)

Now the million dollar question... are all this tokens SCAM?

Good million dollar question. My simple answer in case they are offering a single page site which takes away your own trx in the name of doing a swap. generating a referral link or giving you an airdrop claim then it looks like a big YES
Alternatively you can check if any of these tokens start trading on a genuine exchange. If so they are a genuine token

Why does everything have to be so scammy...

 2 years ago 

Thanks for dropping by @georgemales

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Cheers, Piotr

Thanks a lot for the invitation @crypto.piotr!
I have subscribe for Project HOPE... In the near future i will post for sure within PH community, for the moment as my schedule is extremely busy i will support the posts with upvotes.
By the way... really great and interesting posts in PH community!🏆
Wish you a great week end!

Hi, I see this is a rather old post, just checking.
Do you still have any of those SCAM tokens? I try to collect them and I am interested in getting some of what you have.

Thanks for sharing this article. Discusses very important facts. I must say I have earned lot through airdrops. And every one in this industry have earned lot through various air drops. But true there are lot of scams and hacking attempts coming with a face of an air drop.

A Project which airdrops you with 700 tokens worth hundreds of USD with a single page landing page site.(Looks fishy)
No project details and no team no whitepaper (Looks fishy)
No social media links
If you were to open the site (Please do not trust such sites as they can have scripts running in the background)

Any one who consider the factors you have mentioned will be safe. Thanks again.

Yes dear @besticofinder indeed there are so many opportunists that we can make use of via airdrops. Yet there are pitfalls that we must protect ourselves from
Take care and thanks for your support

 2 years ago 

Thanks for sharing link to this publication with me @thetimetravelerz

I resteemed it already and will share with wider audience today. Appreciate your warning.

ps. Check out my recent post. Hopefully you will find it interesting and worth your time. Link here.
Stay safe,
Yours, Piotr

I got your message and have resteemed this post

Thank for your support and resteem buddy @crypto.piotr my mission for 2021 is to protect all our community from scams and share with them opportunities where they can earn some extra crypto and support their families and I would keep working towards it
Thanks again for your support

Dear @crypto.piotr I have read you post and commented and also resteemed it to extend its reach.

 2 years ago 

Appreciate it @thetimetravelerz

There is a phrase that says:... when the alms are great, even the saint distrusts...

We have to be clear that nothing is free, that everything costs work and requires that we study, that we train ourselves and that we take perspective of where we stand, where we want to go and how we want to get there.

Generally the fastest roads are the riskiest and we can lose everything in the blink of an eye.

Thank you very much for the information you have shared.

Translated with (free version)

There is a phrase that says:... when the alms are great, even the saint distrusts...]

That is well said and very true please take care and thanks for stopping by and for your support.

Thanks for the heads up. I've been 'had' before on such ridiculous scams in the past. All it takes is being too busy to think right and to click the stupid button, after think "oops!" but it's too late.
There's no such thing as an AIRDROP on steemit, I suppose. No such thing as "free money" either. Keep this in mind.

Thanks again for posting awareness @thetimetravelerz

 2 years ago 

hi @gungho

I've send friend request to you via Discord a while ago. Consider accepting it :) I would like to reach out to you and be able to DM you if possible.

Yours, Piotr

@thetimetravelerz, thank you so much for sharing this article.
@crypto.piotr thanks for informing me about this important post.

This post is very important. Many thanks to @crypto-piotr for informing me about this post.

And thanks to @thetimeravelerz for making this post.

Thank you so much for bringing this our attention, this post will go a long way in shielding unsuspecting steemains from getting scammed. Thanks so much.
Voted and Resteemed

Scams are becoming more and more sophisticated. and users are deceived a lot. Once you let your guard down, your money turns into bad guys' money.
The common points of these scam projects are mainly the following points:

  • Request a money transfer fee to receive free coins
  • Requires wallet link to be authorized to exchange and receive funds
  • An unbelievable interest rate promise in a short time.
  • Projects similar to the Ponzi project. Find out what a Ponzi project is, it will give you the sanity you need.

Always be on the alert!

When something is too good to be true then surely it is not.Thank you very much for warning about this scam, I will be very vigilant and take into account everything you say.

wise words from a wise friend @reinaldoverdu
are always welcome
Thanks for your time and support

Gracias @thetimetravelerz por la gran información, siempre debemos estar atentos gracias @crypto.piotr por avisarme!

Hi @thetimetravelerz
I noticed something similar a while ago, and it was definitely a scam. It was asking for the master key to be able to opt for AIRDROP. Most probably many people fell for this scam, unfortunately.

Dear friend I too keep coming across so many scams. We need to be extra careful

Thanks for letting us know about this scam.Before joining new project we should research about it properly and also the owner's background.

I am glad you found my post useful

Greetings my dear @crypto.piotr thank you for keeping us aware and informed of this type of fraudulent movements that can be carried out in the world of crypto-currencies.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post @madridbg
appreciate your time

Hello friend thank you very much for sharing this information, which is of great importance for everyone, this contributes to the security on the web, which starts with the users.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my post good to know I could bring some valuable information to you

thanks for the info.
I did not participate in any aidrop at all until now.
And to be honest, I do not miss anything.

If I want a coin, I buy it.

Nobody is giving away things for free. There´s always something they want in return.
Your data, your money, your whatever....



I respect your point of view @hasenmann
You are correct the airdrops wants something in return, Having said that I must confes that I have seem some very decent and genuine airdrop opportunities.
Sometimes I use them to understand a project before I put in my money as for using my personal account there are a few steps I take to protect my data.
Would surely share some of these steps in one of my posts
Thanks for your support and resteem

Regards @thetimetravelerz

I've been writing about this for more than a week : but who cares within this space, right?

I've barely could receive #upvotes on my #blogs posted through my #community but it seemed no one cares ... to join, to upvote and so on ...

I've been announced by @crypto.piotr about this issue.

I've wrote even on twitter to #tronscan #justinsun and other accounts related to #tron community and devs but nothing came back as an answer.

Ciao a tutti and feel free to join my #community and use my tag #myarttribe

Dear amigo @luciannagy
Yes it is very true how a few people can try to manipulate things on the blockchain (read your post) and even get away.
It is sad but the ugly truth of the decentralized blockchain world.
Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment here and also about your community.
I visited the community page and discovered it is dedicated to art.
It made me r ember how I used to use clay to create art work and how I use to do wood sculpture back in school.
I have joined your community and let me see if I can find my old artwork that I created and post some pictures.
It is a pleasure to know you . Are you also an artist?
Ciao a tutti

Regards @thetimetravelerz

I am happy to see your response to my comment.

The way you've formulate the first phrase, related to the fact that you've read my blog, and you've ended the phrase with " and even get away" made me to think that you've read my post and got away from it :)))

Thanks for mentioning your past related to #art ...

I've checked and couldn't find you on my community You are welcomed to post your artworks ...

AND, as i've seen it was not clear yet, maybe because i've posted mainly my posts, or some of them related to different crafts i am creating through, within my community ...

Yes, i am an artist, and, beside #music, i am creating through sculpting/modeling in clay and through lego as well. Sometimes i am drawing and painting as well.

Here's my music, if you would like to listen :)

Or if you are totally a fan of crypto music platforms, you can listen to my music here too:


Hello friend @thetimetravelerz. Thanks for sharing this information, no doubt that before joining a project we should research about it, and not get carried away by the excitement of free money, whenever that happens it is suspicious, however many fall into the trap.

so true my friend
Thanks for stopping by and extending your support by way of a comment

Hello @thetimetravelerz
Thank you for this information, it is very important to be alert to the possibility of scams.
Best regards.
Note: reblogged

Greetings @thetimetravelerz

Thanks for your very timely article, I pay little attention to this type of calls to register to receive airdrops, precisely because, I had already heard that this type of situations are the modus operandi used by fraudsters by trade on the blockchain. I estimate that the trade scammers are after STEEM users, who are now capturing TRX in bounties.

So true dear @lupafilotaxia
While writing this post I have to confess that I am a big advocate of claiming the airdrops and bounties myself and have begun to see the good ones from the bad ones .
Hope I can write about them too.

The safest way is to treat everything as a scam. Only visit places you intend to go to and ignore everything else. Yes, you miss out on a few cents worth of free stuff, but I believe in the saying, "penny wise, pound foolish".

In general I agree with the idea though I am aware and guilty of some good airdrops that have paid in the past

I rather miss out on something that was never mine in the first place than to lose what I had worked hard to earn. With air drops and such, if I miss out, I just ask myself: Would I care if I didn't even know about it?

Of course we can't care about something we don't know exists.

Hi. I happen to see a Telegram channel doing this kind of warning, by stating the lack of truly links to social media or a real team behind of them, just a pair of buttons inviting us to swap a given away of a considerable amount of dollars. Suspicious, right? 🤔 Great Post. Thanks for sharing. #onepercent #venezuela #affable

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Thanks for sharing this useful information, will definitely share this to others also so that they don't fall a trap.

I recently purchased TRON so obviously I trust them. This is a great read we don’t want anyone in the community getting scammed.

Muchas gracias por esta información tan valiosa. Definitivamente hay que estar atento. Yo he visto esos tokens y me he preguntado por qué? Pero claro para estafar al que caiga en sus manos

Muchas gracias por leer mi publicación.
mantente a salvo mi amigo

with the increase of the prices in the coins, scams and deceptions will abound although we must be very careful in the coins that we are going to invest in my case it was with the theft of the mail associated to my account the way the criminals used to steal almost half of btc, take care of your mail and take care of your passwords.

Good solid advice indeed @trabajosdelsiglo
Thanks for sharing your views and extending you support

Thankyou for this great information. You have saved many from getting scammed :)
Post resteemed :)

Thanks for the resteem and I am glad I could provide some useful information.
Thanks for your time and support

This is very helpful and you nicely shared everything that can help us stay safe from scammers. great work.
@tipu curate

Thanks for this eye-opening and timely alert. When an airdrop looks too good to be true, then you probably have to research more on it again to avoid scam

Thanks, buddy!!!

On the advice of @crypto.piotr I am also resteeming this to spread the message.

Mis hijos me dicen, si yo te pido tu clave, ni a mi me la debes dar, ja, ja, claro lo dicen riendo pero es para que me de cuenta de lo grave que es eso. @thetimetravelerz

My children tell me, if I ask for your password, you should not give it to me, ha ha, of course they say it laughing but it is so that I realize how serious that is. @thetimetravelerz

Thanks, @thetimetravelerz, @crypto.piotr for the information, we must always be vigilant in investing

Very true @johnion we must very careful and thanks for stopping by and extending your valuable support.

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