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RE: SOS Scam alert Do not fall for this TRX tron scam

in Project HOPE3 months ago (edited)

Great post... i actually know about it after @crypto.piotr send me a memo!
I was really wondering what's the deal with all this TRC10 tokens, as i notice that my TRX wallet is keep on adding them...
By the way; this is the way my TRX wallet looks like:


As you can see i have the following: Aave (Aave), HostKIO (KIO), IPShare (IPS), InstSwap (INST), MBOXSwap (MBOX), NewYearGifts (NYG), PeerCash (PEER), UnicSwap (UNC)

Now the million dollar question... are all this tokens SCAM?


Good million dollar question. My simple answer in case they are offering a single page site which takes away your own trx in the name of doing a swap. generating a referral link or giving you an airdrop claim then it looks like a big YES
Alternatively you can check if any of these tokens start trading on a genuine exchange. If so they are a genuine token

Why does everything have to be so scammy...

 2 months ago 

Thanks for dropping by @georgemales

ps. I've noticed that you're posting about crypto sometimes. Consider posting within our PH community:

Cheers, Piotr

Thanks a lot for the invitation @crypto.piotr!
I have subscribe for Project HOPE... In the near future i will post for sure within PH community, for the moment as my schedule is extremely busy i will support the posts with upvotes.
By the way... really great and interesting posts in PH community!🏆
Wish you a great week end!

Hi, I see this is a rather old post, just checking.
Do you still have any of those SCAM tokens? I try to collect them and I am interested in getting some of what you have.

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