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RE: Come with me and learn about stablecoins

in Project HOPE6 months ago

I think we are still awaiting the time when true value of stablecoins will be realised. I absolutely believe that the crypto-sphere is evolving and until it decides 'who it is' we will see much volatility of the type we have become accustomed to.

They can play a solid role in taking steps toward the 'holy grail' of mass adoption which I think we would all agree is the ultimate aim. The upcoming global financial instability as economies around the planet begin to calculate the immense fiscal cost of Covid 19, should see people taking a much deeper look at cryptocurrency in general.

Until fear from the public at large begins to disappear due to the mainstream media spreading FUD regarding crypto-investment we will not see the move that is necessary.

Crypto is still in it's infancy but should make great leaps in the coming decade. Thankyou for sharing your insights my friend :)


I totally agree that cryptography is in its infancy, totally.
The world economic scene is pretty bad these days. I also think it's a good scenario for a massive adoption of cryptomonies.
There's definitely a need for more momentum. I think governments, as we know them today, are in serious trouble. I hope that the world will wake up in this respect to the importance that blockchain and crypto currencies could have in terms of their application in different aspects and that they will be able to see all the good that could be obtained from them.
It's a matter of time, thanks for your valuable commentary friend @stevenwood

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