The Courage To Continue

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One thing that differentiates successful people from others is their willingness to continue trying even with it seemed like the have failed at the initial trial. Having in mind that no failure is ever fatal nor final until you have accepted it to be so, will help you resolve within your mind not to stop trying. Even when you have attained a level of success, it is worthy to note that that is not the final destination.


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I hear many people make a particular statement when going through challenging times - they normally say "you don't know what I am passing through". Well, looking at the brighter side, the person is passing through it and not stuck at it. If they are passing through it, they should just continue at it and before long, they will overcome.

When going through a tunnel, there is a popular belief that there is always light at its end. Well, the light is only available for those that have continued to the end. The truth is, no matter how dark or rough it gets, if someone quits inside the tunnel, they will be cut off from accessing the light at the end - so continue. It takes a considerably fair amount of courage to be able to continue even in the midst of challenges.

There are many undulating and rough terrains you have to pass through to get to success. As a matter of fact, anyone that promises you a smooth ride to your success destination is being heavily untruthful to you and they are not helping you to grow.

The sooner you realize that the pathway to a glorious destination is not rosy, the more courage you build and the more prepared you become to brace up for impact. Even though we are all schooled to hope for the best, it is also worthwhile to brace up for the opposite, so as not to be disappointed.

You do not have to invite challenges before they come and you cannot prevent them from coming to you. The only thing you can do that is within your own capacity is to build yourself and wait for the challenges. The knowledge of yourself and of your challenges will give you an edge over the challenges. It is only the challenges that you have prepared for that you can confront and it is only by confronting them that you can gain mastery over them and ultimately overcome them.


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Always keep this at the back of your mind: not all challenges come to stop you from making progress. Some of them just come to prove what you are made of and to test your ability and capability. So when challenging situations arise, do not see yourself at a disadvantaged position but try to take advantage of the challenge and ride to your next level. Note: no challenge is uniquely carved out for you. The challenges that come to you are not exclusively designed and mapped out for only you - others have undergone a similar or even a more intense challenge and saw a breakthrough, you too can.

Thanks for reading

Peace on y'all


You are so right in all regard, the day you stop providing point in this life, you will be considered as dead. Yon don't have to be told that whatsoever that you are doing in this life don't in any way kill the zeal pushing you to continue. If you keep up with such zeal you will see yourself doing well in life.

Just take for example, if your business lacks so product it is your duty to go and buy to refill, just imagine not having the courage to do so, your business will be in danger.

Thanks a lot for the nice comment and for the example you cited to buttress the point. Cheers bro

Hi @samminator, your sentence "When going through a tunnel, there is a popular belief that there is always light at the end. Well, the light is only available to those who have continued to the end" reminds me that it is all a matter of attitude and the disposition we assume in the face of problems does not allow us to face life in a better way. Thank you for your contribution

there is nothing better than a good challenge i have always liked them, but it is true that not all of them are good to follow or are successfully completed. and if there is something i love is to get up after not reaching what i want. excellent motivational post.
thanks for sharing

That's right. Though not all challenges should be accepted but the positive ones should give us positive energy and boost our courage. Thanks buddy

Hello @samminator!
Agree with you when you express "The truth is, no matter how dark or hard it gets, if someone quits inside the tunnel, they will be left without access to the light at the end, so you have to keep going." The important thing is to have the Faith that in the end the light will shine and we will reach our destination by putting all the effort and will. Everything happens, nothing is forever. Greetings!

Hello friend @samminator.

You are absolutely right my friend, only when we develop the courage to continue is that we can achieve our goals, but, and as you express very well:

Even when you have reached a certain level of success, it is worth noting that that is not the final destination.

Totally agree, we should never stop when we reach any level of any success, our effort should be concentrated towards the total success that gives us stability in every sense of our lives.

Thank you for sharing such extraordinary content with all of us, many successes. Best regards.

Exactly, when we have the courage to continue, then our goals will be easily attainable. Thanks a lot buddy

I don't think in a time of situation we should relent and stop doing anything.
Because whatever brings you down, will eventually make you stronger.
So what you need to do is to motivate yourself and allow your determination to keep you going.

Thanks for sharing.

That's correct. We should not relent in trying even when challenges are faced. It is the courage for continuity that makes the goal attained. Thanks buddy

Greetings @ samminator I liked that phrase

Some of them simply come to show what you are made of and to test your skill and ability.

The important thing when we have a failure is that we can stand up and move forward with the experience of failure we learn not to fall again. Perseverance and dedication will lead us to reach the intended goal.
Thank you very much for sharing your publication

Nice comment here. Rising up after failure is the start of success. Thanks a lot buddy

hello @samminator,
persistence is the key to get out of any situation, I say this from my experience, if a person is willing to not give up to achieve success is a matter of patience and time, the challenges are temporary and if we learn that everything in life is temporary we can go through those challenges in a calm way and learn in the process.

Hello friend, as always I love your posts, I think you always make excellent reflections. Certainly in the face of adversity we must continue to move forward, show us that we can do this and more, life is not all easy, otherwise it would be very boring. We must have challenges to give another flavor and color to the road. Greetings.

While those who give up never get their dreams actualized those who continue to push and hold up faith, eventually makes it through to the end and it is very important that we continue to hold up to those dreams and hopes that we want to actualize.

Good day, @samminator!

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Well, looking at the brighter side, the person is passing through it and not stuck at it.

I've never thought about it like that but thinking about it, you are really right, anyone would go through bad things, but it's all about either passing, even if slowly, or getting stuck forever at the same point.

The best thing about life is the challenges, that's where people differ, where you can see who deserves to achieve such goals and don't.

Nice read as always, thank you for your motivational post @samminator .

Continues pushing and striving after a failed attempt is definitely not an easy thing to do but it is basically the best thing to regularly keep pushing through irrespective of how difficult it gets.

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