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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, especially to the members of the community of @projec.Hope, everything that surrounds us has in some way or another a certain degree of complexity, this characteristic undoubtedly permeates any of our daily activities as members of a given society in the world.

With the passing of time societies are modernizing in all aspects, this characteristic makes us demand more and more every day in order to be able to keep up with these social demands, therefore, as we grow up and become adults we acquire a series of responsibilities beyond our academic preparation cycle, and I think that one of the most important is the work activity, in any aspect either in our own business or as an employee of a certain company or institution.

On many occasions, if not all the time, we spend our lives in the fact of working and working, no doubt, each person in the world has their own particular experience, and I think it is linked to the economic situation of their country or the country where they are living for whatever circumstance, the truth is that a very high percentage of people in the world spend almost all of their existence in the work activity, and the family aspect is in the background.

With the above I do not mean that working is bad, on the contrary, but we must know how to balance our work activities with those of a family nature, I think that in many cases we plan erroneously or simply we get used to the work overload, and leaving aside the most important thing for us, that is, to be able to share with our families.

Personally this happens to me, that is, sometimes I have an imbalance between my working hours and the hours to share with my family, this action has made me reflect and write these words, and realize for myself that everything in life is a balance, from the fact of coexistence with any species on this planet, to the fact of knowing how to distribute our working hours with the time we dedicate to our families.

Currently in my country Venezuela we are going through a deep crisis in all senses especially economically, this feature makes us have to work in various types of jobs making our time extremely short when sharing with our families, but nevertheless, I think that despite this we must always know how to prioritize and stabilize our hours of the day.

I believe and I am convinced that the best moments of any person are those family gatherings, because those moments allow us to relax and feel loved, at that moment we realize how important it is to have a proper planning of all our activities, which of course will never be perfect, but it will allow us a better quality of life.

When we are oversaturated with working hours we usually get sick without realizing it, and in many opportunities we feel it but we do not pay attention to this, therefore, it will always be necessary to work to achieve our livelihood and that of our families, but as members of a certain family nucleus we need to be in constant contact with our loved ones, because everything in life is not just work and more work, it is necessary to have moments of relaxation.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers, I hope to count on your important opinion and to be able to consolidate the subject raised on this occasion.

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Note: the image without source is of my authorship and elaborated through Power Point and the animated gif was elaborated with the PhotoScape application.



Hello, @rbalzan79

I really appreciate these posts that share the idea of balance between our life, family and all that makes us feel alive as humans, and the exhausting jobs and hardworking that make us sick and tired; but your post specifically called my attention because I am from Venezuela too, and I know the crisis and our complicated situation.

I know the kind of effort that we have to do just for surviving, and in the same way we are very exposed to forget our family even when we do it to give them the best that we can during this hard situation.

I hope this situation gets better for us to be able to spend more time with our family. Thank you so much for this reflection.

Hi @ellieth.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, actually many times we spend so much time working that we forget about our loved ones hence the importance of proper balance in everything we do. Best regards.

Hi @rbalzan79
The best thing would be to have a job that allows you to have enough free time to enjoy, plus a good salary that gives you the possibility to satisfy your needs without worries and enjoy life beyond work.

Greetings my friend @josevas.

It is true what you say, in many occasions we get saturated without realizing work and we leave aside other important aspects of our lives such as sharing with our loved ones or friends, that's why it is so important to balance all the things we do. Many blessings to you and your family.

Hello dear Professor @rbalzan79

After completing the cycle of academic preparation, we started a long road exclusively of work, work, and more work. The time we usually invest in long hours of work is slowly taking away our hours of life, of connection with our loved ones, of enjoying every scenery that nature gives us. I agree with you, we must prioritize and stabilize our hours of the day between work and the time we dedicate to share with our families. Thank you for this great publication. Best regards.

Greetings dear Professor @lupafilotaxia.

You are absolutely right, when we finish our university path and jump to the labor field are many hours we dedicate to work and we leave without realizing many important things as members of both a given society and a nuclear family, I think the important thing is to be in constant evaluation of our working hours to not oversaturate us and thus balance us.

Thank you for your great comment, many blessings to you and your family.

Very good reflection friend @rbalzan79. No doubt that the current economic context forces us to work more and even sacrifice family gatherings, but the worst thing is that this takes its toll on our health, stress and less rest are very bad for our emotional and physical balance, and sometimes we realize it too late, when we already feel the effects on our health. That is why we must seek a balance between work and time for distraction and rest.

Greetings my friend @emiliomoron.

You are absolutely right the economic difficulties make us have to work many hours of work and without realizing we are unbalancing in every way, the important thing is to have a permanent evaluation of all our activities to find the best balance.

Thank you for your important comment. Best wishes.

Hello @rbalzan79
I love it your article!
You have captured a reality that many of us live, for various reasons.
I also agree with you that "The Balance" is the key to avoid excesses.
Have a great day!
Best regards.

Greetings friend @jannettyanez.

Thank you for your visit and important comment, it is true that the key will always be in a proper balance of all the things we do in our lives, only then we will have a better quality of life.

Many blessings to you and your family. Best wishes.

On a clear note, everything should not always be about work but there should be a balance with all that we do, it is very important to always balance things up.

You are absolutely right, balance must exist in any area of our lives, thank you for your important comment.

It's certainly not all work, we also need to distract ourselves a little, I wish it could be sitting on a yacht as you depict in your animated image.

Greetings friend and thanks for your contribution.

Greetings @carlos84.

You are absolutely right, balance must be present in our lives, and with it we will be happier, thank you for your important comment.

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