BEE GAME a very risk investment

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Greetings dear friends, today I come to talk about this risky project to which I decided to join risking my capital, enter with 100 dollars and it is about Bee game. web oficial

Bee game is not a stake but it is quite similar, it is about buying some bees that you can buy in USDT cake BNB BUSD and the most important tokens in the crypto world, when buying the Bees they will produce daily profits that oscillate between 5% and 10% .


The first day they gave me 9 BUSD because I entered with 100 BUSD and they usually give me between 5 and / VUSD a day and I am going on my fifth day, so some capital and recovered.

I think these people do not have any bad intention of leaving with our money, they simply opened a smart contract and logically the contract run out of liquidity because it is very sad for all investors, the idea of ​​this game is to win some money and survive at least 13 days.

If you are interested in entering this project, I recommend that you review the contract BSC there you can see the amount of withdrawals and entries, and draw your conclusions, remember that for the contract to be maintained there must be more entries than withdrawal.


I think it is convenient for the developers that the game continues, since they earn with the commission percentages when they withdraw or compare bees, so well, life is one and as investors I like to risk, remember the golden rule do not invest more of what you are willing to lose.


Thank you for reading

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Hello friend, thanks for commenting on this game and its risks, certainly not all projects of this type are scams but that they do not work as expected is also a reality that must be taken into account.

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