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Within the recent weeks, I've received a few enquiries on how our Project.hope community economy works. So perhaps it would be wise for me to write a publication regarding this topic summarized in one post.

In this publication, I will also discuss some challenges our community has faced in the beginning of its existence and the solutions we've tested and implemented to solve them.

If you would find our efforts worth supporting, then consider delegating a small amount of SP or joining our curation trail (more info at the end of this post).

Without further ado, let's get into it ....



Each community is facing some problems and issues in one way or another. More often than not, those challenges are quite similar. And not addressing and handling them often is a cause for such a community to fail and sometimes eventually slowly disappear.

Major problem which most communities are facing is the fact that only curators and authors are being rewarded for their work and efforts. Only those two groups are receiving STEEM tokens for either creating quality content or by curating it.

Whoever tried to manage the community would quickly understand that it is important to also incentivise other important key roles. Moreover, we all need to find ways to reward our most engaging members, moderators, team leaders and perhaps some developers or even graphic designers for their efforts.

Those were real issues which we had to face and address at the early stage of launching the Project.hope community. Problems which many other community leaders are struggling with till this day.



At some point I've learned about the possibility to set up a beneficiary on published articles. And it hit me. What if I would ask everyone who publishes within Project.hope to set up a small percentage of beneficiaries to our community budget account? And use those funds to grow the project? Then an idea was born.

So we have started by introducing a system, in which we would request that every PH member would set up 20% beneficiary to @ph-fund on each post published within our PH community. Those funds initially allowed us to rapidly increase our growth.

For the first time we could afford to reward (with steem tokens) few most active members and moderators for their time and efforts.

Luckily, the idea of sharing part of profit with the community fund has been approved by a majority of PH members.



Many things have changed within two years, which have passed since we've launched Project.hope. And so did our project's economy.

Currently, we are encouraging all PH members to set up 35% beneficiary on their publications to @ph-fund (community budget). And those funds are being used to cover various expenses:


Majority of those funds are then being distributed back to our community members. Depending on their role within PH and level of engagement.

This allows us to financially support people who can then focus greatly on being active within the community. It gives them financial means to support their life expenses, which allows them to invest more of their own time to read publications posted by other members and engage with authors (in comment section).
Our goal is also to support those who understand the importance of quality of their comments.

Additionally, we use part of that budget to reward a few team leaders and moderators for their input into building our common project.


For several months already we've been sponsoring online english lessons for a group of Venezuelans (currently over 15 people). Mostly struggling and underpaid former university professors for whom crypto is a life gamechanger.

It allows them to access worldwide financial / banking systems. Giving them opportunities to better their life.

We believe that by investing in their language skills we are able to bring more value to their content published here on Steemit and it would help them to grab more of those opportunities.


We've also established @ph-emergencyfund. I, together with former doctor @josevas217 are in charge.
This fund serves one main purpose: to financially support PH core team members in case they would face some unexpected medical expenses. Or in case their laptop charger would die and a new one would be necessary. This type of situation, for example.

We always try to be there for our members.
But ONLY if those members are indeed active and an engaging part of the community.

So far, we've helped several of our members in times of medical need. We've also purchased several laptop accessories which made our PH members work easier and more efficiently.


On top of all of that, we share 100% curation rewards , increased by a small percentage of received beneficiaries with all delegators.



For most new PH members the idea of sharing 35% of their post payout does sound initially discouraging. However, most of them changed their minds as soon as they learned how those funds are being used. And they realize that this model allows them to distribute rewards generated within the community between many parties involved. And they quickly realize that it's a win-win scenario.



We're encouraging our members to follow our strict NO POWERDOWN POLICY on Steemit. Our goal is to support (upvote) publications of those people, who are growing their own voting power (SP) and using only part of their liquid rewards to cover life expenses.

After all, supporting authors which are dumping all rewards and create constant selling pressure (instead of growing their account) is NOT our goal.



Every now and then I'm being asked if Project.hope exist on HIVE blockchain. The simple answer is NO, we don't.

We've tried to build our community on both chains (steem/hive), however many of our members experienced high level of hostility on HIVE and we've decided to "shut down our doors" over there and FOCUS SOLELY on building our community presence on Steemit.

SUPPORT PROJECT.HOPE (delegation / curation trail)


Hopefully I managed to hold your attention all that while. I appreciate your time :)

If you value our efforts, then please consider joining our curation trail. Nearly 300 people trusted us and joined it already.

You can also show you support by simply DELEGATING as little as 100 steem today.

RESTEEM and EARN an 115k SP upvote


I would also appreciate every resteem.
You can help us reach a wider audience and earn solid upvotes. I will drop 100% upvote using our @project.hope account (114k) on one of your recent posts.
(limited to accounts which have min: 100 SP, 100 comments and 100 followers)

LEARN MORE about Project.hope


If you like to learn more about Project.hope, then consider visiting those 2 links:
a) how did it all start
b) learn little bit about our history, goals and vision

You can find us on Steemit:
Our DISCORD server:

Yours, @crypto.piotr
Founder of Project.hope community


Congratulations you have received a vote of $3.00 from @acom! Good Job!

Hello everyone i would like to share my part of the story in a short way.

Initially when i was a newbie so getting upvotes was always an challenge and even a 0.1$ vote would excite me up but still it was not that worth it.

Then i got introduced myself to the Project Hope which was an initial supporter for me for sure and @crypto.piotr has always been there for me in terms of supporting me.

As things changed i got busy in other works due to which i post very less but i can never forget how it hase given initial push which is an much needed thing for everyone starting new hear.

Thanks team hope so this project goes a long way up.

 3 years ago 

Thanks @sumit71428 for sharing your story with all of us.

You've been part of Project.hope community for quite sometime and I hope you will continue being active and engaging in the future :)

Cheers buddy, Piotr

I am very grateful to this community, we have certainly received a lot of support, we are like a family, for that reason despite some harassment to some members of our community we have remained united, always with the intention of improving and growing this great project.

For almost a year now I have been receiving English classes and it is a support that not everyone can give you, so thank you for worrying about the formation of all of us.

It is a pleasure for me to read these lines and write what I feel towards our community. Greetings.

Hello @project.hope
I already have more than two years as a moderator of this community, currently I am only in Steemit, and I must say that I am very grateful for the support I have been receiving for months. Indeed, when someone is told to place a beneficiary at 50% they are shocked, however, once they understand the use of those funds, they accept.
Few communities are active with the training process of the users, and the fact that I can receive English classes and that they are paid with steem is a sample of how much can be done having an order, a plan, a clear project.
I will always be grateful for the opportunity you have given me to PH for many things.
Greetings. Resteem to this post.

Thanks for being a good, active moderator here its a pleasure having you here.

Thank you for your kind words.

hello @project.hope,
a greeting to all the members of this community, personally I think the way the rewards are distributed is a real genius, because through this distribution the community members have the possibility to grow as people while their steemit accounts also grow, on the other hand overcoming all the challenges that during this time we faced is due to the leadership of @crypto.piotr and the commitment of the moderators.

I hope that this community, which has changed my life in many ways, will continue for a long time to come.


Greetings @project.hope

I really don't know where to start from when it comes to sharing some of the great impact @project.hope made in my life. Should I start from how I became a creative content writer with the help and motivation from @project.hope? Or should I start from where I had lost hope in writing or publishing articles on my blog due to the very little or zero reward I earn for my great effort if not for @project.hope who developed that great hope and spirit of writing in me. Or should I also discuss how the share and earn initiative program by @project.hope as enabled me to make further research about different cryptocurrency just to share my knowledge with people and also earn rewards for sharing my knowledge. Or should I discuss about how the English tutorial program via novel/book review has also impacted my life in one way or the other? Or should I share how I was able to meet different people and members of the community just by interacting on their blog post? The list is just endless!!

This is why I will always support @project.hope and I will also keep trying my best to make good positive impacts on the community. I agree with every terms and conditions being laid by @project.hope and I will continue setting up my reward beneficiary to 50% if that's what will help us promote and develop this community more than we can ever imagine.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕

Greetings dear friends of @projecthope, I take advantage of this space to express what I consider to be the great strengths of this noble community. Particularly I have been 4 years in this platform and few communities have transcended beyond the payment of reward for a publication, @projecthope has been responsible for structuring a community and best of all form and provide stability to their authors. that is not only receive payment in steem, but you have the opportunity to receive academic training of excellent quality as English courses for those who speak Spanish, which strengthen our writings in English to achieve a better understanding of the content socialized.

On the other hand, the emergency fund is proof that there is an organization that is concerned about the welfare of all members, it is impressive that I can have a small contribution to cover medical expenses that some companies in my country do not take into account and as a Venezuelan who has struggled every day in this beautiful country I value every opportunity that is given to me.

In order not to make this writing more extensive, I consider that part of all these achievements is due to the excellent leadership within the community, led by @crypto.piotr and a team that have shown to be excellent professionals who want to do things well and that has its merit.

On my part, I wish that we continue reaping successes that will surely come, because the steps that are taken are firm without any kind of improvisation, may you all have an excellent start of the week.


Hi @project.hope
I am fortunate that I got connected with this wonderful community on this platform. I am here for more than 2 years and have been part of PH for over 1.5 years.
@crypto.piotr is such an amazing person who always thinks o finding ways to support people and make them earn more. After joining the PH community I started learning more about crypto because its one of the categories I can and this worked in my favor because I got to learn a lot.
Piotr has been supporting me and because of his and PH support I am here on this platform. PH support has been a great foundation in my journey here on this platform and I don't that there is any other community like this here.
Talking about the 50% beneficiary, this has never been a problem for me because I started earlier with 20% and now I do it 50% but still, I am able to earn good so I think this is a way to support the community back.

Thanks a lot, PH for your support and I wish you great growth in the future. I will be here and will try to do my best to support you wherever I can.
post resteemed.

Project hope is very special for and I am in touch with @crypto.piotr since the time of HF 20. I still remember that I did not have enough SP for any activity on steemit because it was introduced after HF 20. Piotr has been a great support and once he started project hope community then it became like a home where I visit almost every day. Project hope is the biggest milestone in my journey and success here on this platform. This community is not just to grow themselves instead the goal is to grow the people who are associated.
I am fortunate that I am part of PH and I am very happy to support this awesome family through my beneficiary reward.
I can surely write a very long story about PH but to cut it short I can say that PH is such a fantastic family and its doing great work by supporting so many people to grow through financial support as well as learning side too.
I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful family and thanks to Piotr and @project.hope for the great support.
Post voted and esteemed already.

 3 years ago 

This community is not just to grow themselves instead the goal is to grow the people who are associated.

Very well said Alok :)

@project.hope is the hope of the Steemit blockchain. Glad you guys are here. Steem on!

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