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RE: Community of the Week Challenge entry for PROJECT.HOPE Community

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Certainly, when I started on the blockchain of steeem, I was very much on my own and without further guidance, months later and when I was already well disoriented on how to move forward, I got a link for a memo that invited me to review a post on a technological issue in which I had already shown interest, from there I began to be in relation to the content creators of the @project.hope

The colleagues took the job of guiding me to work in the best possible way in this network, they gave me support and advice when I needed it and allowed me to feel that it was really a social network, that is, a place where users share content and they also interact with each other and between the contents they generate, forming a sense of group and allowing to make known what is done to people who share the same interests.

I have already shared a good time with the group, which I have enjoyed a lot :) When there have been changes and innovations, these people have been with whom I have discussed and commented on my concerns and my desires for better opportunities to create and share, in All the cases I remember the response have been positive and focused on fulfilling the name of the project: Hope

Last year I was worried about the fall of members that already other users marked as very remarkable since 2018, that was not favorable, so I understand that the Project focuses on the consolidation of existing users and the creation of the sense of belonging, in order to generate the link (both subjective and emotional as the objective or content dissemination) that would keep the participants and motivate them to continue generating content, comments and interactions.

This does not deny that each member of the group disseminates, outside this network, their opinions and invitations for their acquaintances, family, students, neighbors and all people who could contribute new content and increase the number of participants, which as I recall was 1.3 million of active accounts in the Steem blockchain


If you know the basics of Spanish, you know that ~forza~ is written with a z instead of a c. So what's up with "forca Venezuela"? Who is the 'creator' of that community?

 4 years ago 

I think it was a peculiarity, but instead of writing it in Spanish, he wrote it in Portuguese, that's why it's Força.

As for the creators and members of the Project, the answers to this are at

Or you can also visit

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