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Continuing from CUT TO THE CHASE 3

She took a deep breath and shut her eyes, and faced up to the roof as if to allow my words sink in. After a few seconds, she looked back at me and said, “Moses, I brought you here to talk me out of this insanity I'm running into, not for you to talk me deeper into it!” She slapped her face close and opened it again. “Gosh! Is this how you talk to Perky?” It was as if she wanted to cry.
“Who's Perky?” I winced in confusion.
“Your lady, your girlfriend.” “Princess?”
“Yes, who else?” “Her name's not Perky and I don't do girlfriends. And we're not in a relationship, she's just a very good friend I share incredible bonds with.”
“Okay, I hear you, Oga. So is that how you talk to her? Answer me.”


My throat constricted, and with a bashful face and a trembling lips, I began to explain. “Not exactly. We come from different family backgrounds, I come from a home where shouting and brawling is almost everything. You have to be strong to be in my family. And she's from a home where tranquility is king and raised voices are a rare occurrence. At least, that's the kinda picture she's painted to me. So I try not to raise my voice around her and I try to be as cool as ice.”
“So when it's she, you'd become ice; and when it's Cynthia, you'd become fire abi? And yet you deny there's nothing going between you two. You decide to hide where your heart lies.”
“Yes! It's an intentional act by me. The recent mishaps have made me keep my personal life a strong secret until the right time. For now, lemme enjoy the flow, lemme enjoy the feeling.”
“I strongly believe you and Perky, are beyond platonic. You can deny it but you'd never convince me.” She insisted.


“Her name's not Perky, for the last time, silly. Her name's Princess.” I grimaced.
“Well, you're not aware then. Don't be a fool or be ignorant. What you don't know is bigger than you,” she laughed.
“What's funny?” I shrugged irritably.
“On Wednesday before you went for your seminar, when you showed me the pictures of you and her doing sports, I recognised her immediately, but I decided to keep my cool because I knew I'd have the perfect opportunity.”
“What are you talking about?” “I know that girl, I've met her severally. I used to see her pass my shop at Dutse market even. I know a doctor friend who knows a lot about her. A lot, that you really need to know, Moses.”
I stopped breathing for a moment. The sound of Dutse market and the doctor friend made me trust she was not bluffing. I sighed deeply, reclined on my chair and gave her a narrow gaze before I asked, “What do you know about her that I don't?”

•••to be continued

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