Thank you for your comment. It seems assumption based, in that I must not already know this information.

Some people actually only vote comments to sort the comments from most interesting to least interesting...

And what is wrong with that? Some people also like to reward comments on the basis of effort too.
It is far more likely that I will reward comments on the basis of effort, which is my right, because it is my steem power, and now to address:

This is how even accounts with high reputation can crash to negative reputation.

Highly lacking in crucial information. The information you are lacking in, is that this will only happen if someone disagrees with your voting practices, and has the power to crash your reputation.

I see you upvote your own comments, and you didn't care to upvote me, so you'll get no vote from me.

I do appreciate the insight you provided me under assumption based thinking though. Thank you.

There is nothing wrong in "sorting" comments... I was just saying people care more about order of the comments than actual rewards. After the reward structure was changed, it became really hard to get rewards from comments.

What comes to downvoting, it doesn't directly give any rewards, but people do it just for the sake of comment quality. Eventually upvoting better quality comments will give more rewards.

Well stated. I appreciate the clarification.

I have always felt downvoting is very negative, but I cannot deny the merit of its use with this system. It's difficult to define abuse however with vastly different ideas of what is right and wrong. Morality is difficult to assign, as it is more of a perceptual knowing feeling than an ideology.

Have a nice day :)

Downvoting is quite negative if it is done out of malice... When you downvote just because someone else downvoted you first...

I mostly downvote low quality comments made by bots, or people who write low quality posts just because they know enough people will upvote all comments and posts made by high reputation people to get more rewards for themselves, so eventually they also get high reputation faster.

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