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RE: Crypto Space BLEEDING OUT? BUCKLE UP - recent correction AIN'T OVER just yet [my personal expectations]

in Project HOPE3 years ago

Sure, there will be corrections. And sure, there will be investors who lose when the price drops. But, as the past few days should make evident, the prices of all reputable cryptocurrencies will continue to rise.

Right now, the price has surpassed $19,700. So the correction / drop to the $16,000 level was temporary and short-lived.

As you state, you were "lucky" when you transferred all your funds to USDT. But, that next morning, did you then turn around and transfer them all BACK to where they came from. If so, you could have made a nice little profit. If not, then by today (Tuesday 1 December), you are right back to where you started from.

There will continue to be many corrections and many fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptos. But the trend is clearly upwards, further and further upwards ... up, up, and away.

Therefore, those corrections and spikes and tanks and fluctuations don't bother me. I notice them and I even track them, but I do not try to play them. Nor do I try to trade them for short-term profits. I just watch them as they rise.

Granted, they do not rise continuously, and they do not rise in a straight line. Such movement is unnatural and impossible to sustain. So, I watch the dips and the corrections, always keeping in mind that the trend is upwards.

And, while some investors and traders might get burned and therefore might abandon cryptos, that's nothing to worry about. Major institutional investors, including PayPal, are making major investments into Bitcoin.

That bodes very well for both the short-term future and the long-term prospects of cryptos.

Onwards, to the moon!

 3 years ago 

BIG THX you for sharing your thoughts @majes.tytyty
Solid upvote on the way :)

ps. hope to see you being more active within PH in the future. Missing you here buddy

 3 years ago 

Hello, dearest Professor.
I do miss you.

When will you come back?

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