Internet 50 years of history and a major blackout

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Those who have watched Tim Harford's Podcast, and his series 50 things that have made the modern economy, will surely have analyzed the entire chronology behind the 50 years of internet history, from the creation of the first modem that allowed transmitting binary data over a simple telephone line, through Bob Taylor's command configuration to mainframe computers, scaling everything related to instant messaging, to the development of blockchain technology's block exploration.

To speak of the Internet is to refer to times of technological modernity and the formidable challenge of outstanding business, political and scientific personalities to design a network to which any computer could connect. From this challenge arose Arpanet, the first network without central nodes, of which four American universities were part, including the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), the University of Utah and the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

After Arpanet, other networks emerged that over the years were interconnected in a network of networks, or what we know today as the Internet, now well, a point to note is that this interconnection of networks began to develop from the commercial level to be in the hands of large business corporations, hence, any company wishing to do business on the Internet not only needs hardware and software but also a domain.

The truth is that the Internet in these 50 years of history, has created a whole system of economic and social positioning on a global scale between states, companies, institutions and any person who decides to use the interconnection of networks.

Using the interconnection of networks is part of everyday life in modern society, therefore, any action that affects the internet will directly affect the stability of all, in this sense, it is important to mention that recently a huge outage temporarily affected several high profile websites including Amazon, Reddit and Twitch, before this nefarious fact the cloud computing provider Fastly, which supports many of these sites on the web, acknowledged being responsible for the failures.


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Hi @lupafilotaxia, I am just writing about it. A bit of concern about this situation. I think that in this aspect the Blockchain has many advantages before traditional internet, we are more and more dependent on technology, and the internet in the middle of everything. A failure like this reveals many flaws in the current system.

It is incredible that 50 years have already passed since the emergence of the technology that completely transformed communications and our society, it is that being communicated or doing business without a platform connected to the network would be impossible as we conceive it without the development of this important system in which undoubtedly will continue to emerge revolutions such as the blockchain.