The president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele is a crack.

in Project HOPElast year

He even has lasers in his eyes in his twitter photo.


El Salvador was tremendous. It is something historic, isn't it? The first country? How will their central bank do it?

It is not the first country nor the first similar initiative but it would be very good for Latin America.

Japan in 2017 presented the proposal and it was approved in mid 2019, being regulated in early 2020, both currencies coexist, it is not that the central bank of el salvador is going to exchange its funds for Bitcoin, but that citizens will not have legal impediments to make their exchanges with other currencies, it is the subtle difference between a legal tender and forced tender.

In most countries there are usually several currencies of legal tender where contractually payment clauses can be agreed and the judge subject to compliance with the letter or the law. But it is not "forced" means monetary control from the central bank of El Salvador will continue, I assume that what he is doing is preparing his country for the future, we all know that the Bitcoin can be an important part in our immediate future.

This new initiative by this president, I certainly hope that many countries in Latin America also take control and can make proposals so that their countries can take these currencies as a legal tender, of course there will be duality but I am sure that people will adapt very quickly is a matter of having the freedom to choose and to pay either with cryptocurrencies or Fiat money, now we just need to wait for the congress in that country to approve this will be under rules and laws that are beneficial to the people and as always the government also trying to make their own profit.

But what I like the most is that at the crypto level it is possible that in the governmental area it will be a little more difficult the acts of administrative correction that can be presented because everything will be registered in the block chain and as we know everything is auditable, it will be possible to know the origin and possession of the cryptos.

I think El Salvador has a very promising future as a country.



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Hi @lanzjoseg
That news is very good, and has gone around the world, it's impressive what that young president is doing. Not only in this, but he has been making changes in many aspects in that country.
He has been hit very hard, as has all presidents, but he has been able to take advantage of what he has to do great things. And this step he is taking with the BTC is something big.

@lanzjoseg, can you imagine if this kind of actions are properly implemented in Venezuela, what would be the impact to heal our economy? Thanks for sharing this information.

I believe that this is the most disruptive Latin American president today, his clear, concise and apparently sincere verb (excuse my skepticism) has meant a fresh change regarding the way of doing politics in our continent, regardless of the political ideology of each who, it is undeniable that their position of not being carried away by what is "politically correct" is what makes Nayib Bukele a great politician. I only dream that there is not so much time left so that we can see changes and political and economic growth in our country.

Excellent article @lanzjoseg

Hello @lanzjoseg, I also think that El Salvador anticipated the near future with this intelligent initiative, and it can even be said that as a country it has been giving the best example, I expect a similar development in our country in terms of crypto assets and their regulations, however I think not it will be in this present time with "these special circumstances" that we live.

Hi dear friend @lanzjoseg

This new initiative by this president, I certainly hope that many countries in Latin America also take control

I hope so too, a detail about the cryptocurrency is that it does not have judicial support, and it is unfair I think that it is not very complicated to educate judges and police on this matter and thus give legal security to cryptocurrencies


Greetings my dear @lanzjoseg it is only a matter of time before we observe the true reaches of cryptocurrencies, despite the current attacks this kind of news is encouraging for those of us who make life in the blockchain world. Thanks for your contribution

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