Are we learning different approaches?

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We often blame the situations for the wrongs that are happening in our life, but in reality, the one who has to be blamed is us. It is never about the situation, rather it is about the individual who is handling the situation. The same situation can have a different outcome depending upon how the individual has handled it.

Why do people react differently?

There is a famous quote, “Who and what we surround ourselves with is who and what we become". It is very true. We tend to behave like the ones we are surrounded with. It means, we can change our approach to things if we change the people we are surrounded with.

So how do we change our surrounding?

It may be difficult( not impossible) to change the physical surroundings but we surely can change the ones with whom we interact online. Our online surrounding comprises of people we follow, the communities/groups we spend our time with.

In the physical world, there is certainly a limit to how many people we can interact with, but, the online world has made it possible for us to interact with as many people as we want and learn how people are creating different opportunities in the same situation.


Everyone is facing the same sun and rain, how we handle the situation matters. There are many who have overcome the pandemic situation and have found an alternative route. We need to surround ourselves with people who are showing us different positive possibilities and learn from them.

Good things are happening everywhere. A shift in the mindset is required. It will happen when we surround ourselves with the ones who are changing the world for good. Let's get connected to the present performers who are shaping the 21st century.



Very well said and this article is full of motivation. Not online surroundings bu offline surroundings are also responsible for that and we have take care of it too. For example, in our friend circle Smoking cigarettes is common thing then we will definitely addicted with cigarette soon.

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The first point I picked from this wonderful post of yours is to have a positive mind set, that positive mindset will set us on a path to a world filled with amazing opportunities.