"I" for ICECREAM or "I" for INTERNET

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If today we shift to another planet, would be teaching our kids the same things which we teach on earth?

The learning will become obsolete for another planet. We cannot implement the same learning that we have received in context to earth.

Similarly, as the world is moving from offline to the online world, there are so many learnings that have become obsolete, we need to change what we are teaching our kids.
We have only changed the mode of education, from offline to online, but we need to change the content too.

To date, most of our formal education is designed for the offline world but as the world is moving from offline to online, change in core education is required.

We cannot continue teaching our kids with the same examples, even the old fundamentals have to be replaced with new concepts in relation to the online world.

Today, the internet is as precious to us as the air that surrounds us.


I for ICECREAM has to be replaced with I for INTERNET.

Today's generation is more connected to the new development that is happening in the online world than offline. And when this kind of knowledge is not available in the formal schooling curriculum, students tend to shift to other online sources.

And if his trend continues, formal schooling may lose its relevance, sooner than later.

For those who still think, nothing can replace formal education, Corona has busted many myths, this can be the next one.


Interesting concept, a lot of things have to change to suit the norm so the children are carried along from an early age. Nice piece