What is a Population Census for?

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Is it important to carry out population censuses?

I remember that in Venezuela these national days were always held. Before it was carried out there was an information campaign through the media and people were always attentive to the visit of the pollsters representing the "National Institute of Statistics", who were kindly received at home and thus provided the information. required.

Currently, in Venezuela, no population census campaigns are carried out. The last census was carried out in 2011.

photo_2021-02-08_11-26-23.jpgThis picture is my house's step-door. The sticker indicates the last census

The most recent "attempts" by the national administration to carry out a census received great rejection by the population, since, under the cover of a facade of "statistical study", what the authorities really seek is to have the knowledge more precise of the ideological and political preferences of the population.

What is a Population Census for?

According to the United Nations Principles and Recommendations for population and housing censuses, a population census is understood to be "the set of operations consisting of collecting, collecting, evaluating, analyzing and publishing or purging demographic data in one way or another. , economic and social relative to all the inhabitants of a country, or to a well-delimited part of a country, in a determined moment "; and by housing census "the set of operations consisting of collecting, compiling, evaluating, analyzing and Thumb in some way or another corresponding statistical data, on a given date, to all housing premises and their occupants in a country, or in a well-defined part of it. "Source

Based on the above, we can conclude the importance of conducting periodic censuses for the integral development of a nation.
Projections on population growth must be made, in order to adapt the expansion of the infrastructures necessary for the provision of basic services such as electricity generation, drinking water, education and health.
With the figures obtained, governments should make the necessary budgetary modifications for the investment of financial resources that allow a better provision of services and avoid the future collapse of the structure of society in general.

Caracas, the city without running water (Photos)
Photograph of February 11, 2021 where a man is observed carrying two plastic containers of 25 liters of water each, in Caracas (Venezuela´s Capital).

Case of use

According to the data obtained in the population censuses of Germany, the authorities were able to conclude that life expectancies continue to rise. According to the recently released data, those born in 2010 will reach an average of 77.4 years in the case of boys, while girls may reach 82.6 years. At least statistically.

These data have alarmed its authorities, which could conclude that, for the planning of income for the elderly, it must be considered that pensions have to reach no longer for 20 but for 30 years.

For this reason, the German industry is preparing to accommodate the elderly in jobs, since the retirement age has been raised to 67 years, understanding in this way that this sector of the population represents a segment of consumers whose needs must be addressed.

Population studies in Germany allow estimating that the lower the birth rate and the higher the life expectancy, the population will age despite immigration since the proportion of people under 20 years of age has decreased since the decade of the 50 from 30 to 18 percent.
In 1950 only one in 100 Germans was over 80 years old, today one in 15 is already an octogenarian, and by 2040, it could be one in 10.

Having more elderly people will be a challenge for the social and health system since the number of taxpayers will decrease.


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Hello @juanmolina, according to what you have commented, the increase in the long-lived population will not only be a challenge at the level of health and social security services, thinking on the positive side, it is very likely that many of these people do not want to retire at an early age, some would like to remain productive beyond the retirement period.

I have always believed that a great opportunity should be given to the "work experience" of these people, although the point of view of some governments is that "the long-lived population is an economic burden", and it does not seem correct to me.

Great information..!

 2 months ago 

I have always believed that a great opportunity should be given to the "work experience" of these people, although the point of view of some governments is that "the long-lived population is an economic burden", and it does not seem correct to me.

I totally agree.

I remember when I had the opportunity to work as a Human Resources Manager, in an engineering consulting company (2013). We were based in Maturin and El Tigre.

All the engineers were young. But one day, I had to enter the payroll of a 77-year-old man. An Engineer assigned by PDVSA.

Initially, I had to deal with the idea that this old man was sent for political reasons that are handled internally in the state oil company. But then all of us could see the contribution that his great experience gave to the company. He was really a great human resource that we had at that time.

He was an elderly man, fully productive. That is why we should never censor older people.

@juanmolina friend, This experience that you have had, has happened to me

 2 months ago 

Maybe we could talk about it, sometime.


According to the knowledge I gathered about census, it is a data process carried out in order to determine how much resources the government will allocate to that area.

 2 months ago 

That should be the correct use of that valuable data. But in Venezuela, this does not happen this way.

National public spending is channeled to cover "social projects" which are only populist and demagogic facades. Infrastructure works are paralyzed, that is why public services are so deficient in my country.

Hi @juanmolina
I remember that last census, as well as I remember the previous ones.
Truly that the Venezuelan government is not even good enough to conduct a census. The truth is that the data collected in that procedure is transcendental and should determine many projects to be carried out in the country, but, there is no will for that, at least not in Venezuela.
Germany... well, that is another thing, obviously.

 2 months ago 

Unfortunately, our authorities always try to take political advantage of every opportunity.
In Venezuela, these data are used to apply greater control over the population.

Do you know that during a population census exercise, so many people in rural regions aren't counted and I wonder how accurate the census is.

 2 months ago 

Hello dear @gbenga.

Statistical studies are not totally accurate. They apply formulas that contemplate a margin of error.
The data of the people who are not counted are replaced in these formulas with "compensation factors" to cover this margin.

Thanks for commenting, dear friend.

Hello friend, it really is an important issue, in our country we know that none of this works, but it is interesting the fact that other developed countries take it so seriously and care about the quality of life of its inhabitants. It would be excellent if it also happened in all the countries of the world, I believe that many current problems could be solved. Reaching old age is important, but having a quality of life is also important. Greetings!

Hey @juanmolina 😊💕

It has actually been a very long time ever since my country had conducted population census and the most unfortunate part is that they conduct the census manually by selecting some specific amount of people to do the counting which was meant to be done through a more easy and convenient system using the Internet.

It's really nice learning from your post and thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕💓

excellent content, a very clear vision of reality, greetings and successes