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RE: Is It a Myth? – the Genuine Truth About Passive Income

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Regards @deathcross.

The possible scenarios you raise really seem to work, but as you said at the beginning, a passive income without effort does not exist.

As I see it, generating income passively implies a previous effort to accumulate capital. Once we have resources (movable or immovable, liquid, passive, fiat or crypto) then we could concentrate on developing a recipe that allows to be placed these on "autopilot", generating interest or ROI.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us.

Your friend, Juan.


There are also some authors saying "take a lot of loan, buy houses and rent them". But this is dangerous, if the housing market goes down. And, loans have limits, you have to risk a lot of own capital.

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Traditionally the real estate market has always been quite solid. Investing in properties, houses, buildings, land ... has always been considered a low risk investment.
But as long as you do it with your own capital. Applying for a loan to make such an investment would be a risky move. This is due to interest rates, which are really very volatile.

In other order of ideas:

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Investing in properties, houses, buildings, land has always been considered a low risk investment

Has been considered, but wasn't. See people having home in Detroit (partly a ghost town), or simply the housing crisis of 2007-2009. Precious metals are also moving just like stocks, the price can surge or decline 20-30 percent a year. Leverage - credit - makes this only much more dangerous. Loans multiply gains or losses.

Real estate may seem stable - in the background of hyper-inflation.

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There are many aspects and variants to consider. Everything is much more complex than it seems.
But definitely investments will always have a risk margin.