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Nowadays, people do not say hello when they arrive at a place, or when they leave, because they believe that they will not answer the greeting.

If you say hello and no one answers, do you lose something?

On the other hand, do not you think that the people who heard your greeting and did not answer will feel uncomfortable every time you arrive ... and want to answer your greeting even if they are not used to it?

Next time say hello with the same sincerity and cordiality, repeat your phrase of "Good morning" "Good afternoon" or "Good night", with that you will never look bad.

It often happens that after a short time, some of those ill-educated people who do not answer the greeting, then do it, then others, and then others, breaking the tension in the conversational environment.
Thus opening the field to a more pleasant situation, to a more breathable environment of true coexistence.

Do not feel bad if your greeting is not answered, insist, You are an educated person and have instilled values ​​to act in that way.

When you arrive at a place, say hello and when you leave, say goodbye. It is not your fault that others have not learned the enormous importance and elementary courtesy of greeting.

The greeting, after all, is something that is learned from home, ratified at school and proven to have very good results in daily life. So greet sincerely, cheerfully, optimistically, and help your environment while helping yourself.


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When we do not agree with the attitude or thought expressed by others, we react in a specific way, that is, we simply accept the opinion of others or accept it with reservations.

Many times we ask that this opinion be confirmed with evidence, with testimonies or in any case we do not accept the opinion of the other person and we lock ourselves in our own without admitting reasoning of any kind.

How do you react when you do not agree with something?
Generally in one of those 4 ways I mentioned above.

Do you always get good results with the way you react?
This is very important and the best method to know if our reactions are correct is to measure our reactions.
For this, we must know the "Mental Levels".

  • The First Mental Level is when you react without asking, without objections. We agree even if we disagree. That is, we accept what has been done or said. Our mind remains open and we are totally receptive.

  • The Second Mental Level is when we do accept, but only half. That is, with some reservations and protests what they do and/or tell us, even if we do not agree, we accept but we reply a little, we vent something.

  • The Third Mental Level, is when we ask that they prove that "white is white", that there are witnesses or testimonies, evidence that what others tell us is true, certifications of the facts.

  • The Fourth Mental Level is when we do not accept in any way what they tell us and what they do to us. So we circle ourselves and reject any attempt at explanation.

On what mental level do you react?

Next time, let's think at which mental level we are reacting, let's evaluate the results, analyze, and according to the result of that analysis we will react again on the same level or on another that may seem more favorable according to the circumstances.


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Hi @juanmolina, nowadays cordiality has been lost a lot, it seems that good manners have been devalued and it can become contagious because sometimes it bothers us and we want to do the same. On the other hand, in these times of smart phones, you can also see that through text messages or any social network, cordial gestures are reduced, often leaving you in visto as we say colloquially. See you later, have a great start of the week.

Greetings @juanmolina, I am not sure if because of technological advances, the use of the Internet, electronic equipment, or all of the above, which has caused a growing apathy is our young people, good manners, the rules of courtesy seem to have been forgotten and we can only observe how disrespect takes over our lives.

We need to remember:

"Greeting, at the end of the day, is something that is learned from home, ratified at school and has been proven to have very good results in daily life." Totally true and thank you for your contribution

Hello friend @juanmolina

Good topic that you share with us, in these times of technological modernity it seems that being courteous is not a guideline of the society that is built behind the computer screens, to your question, in my case I navigate between two levels, generally I listen carefully process the information and react similar to level one, however, in some circumstances I try that the person makes an outline and defend his position the latter. Thank you for this good read.

Best regards, be well.

Hello @juanmolina, I have thought about this before that you have mentioned the "mental levels", just how could I know that they existed so perfectly defined and described. We will really find different ways of reacting in each individual, some in a correct way and others not so much, the fact that the human being stopped being "reflective" to "be reactive" in these times that we are living.

When I greet somebody and they don't reply, I will take it like they didn't hear me or they are in bad state. I will keep on greetings anytime I come across person because it will not add nor subtract from my life.

Wow I didn't know about the mental levels, at least not 100%, with this publication of yours it is really clear to me. Cordiality, respect and many other things are already quite scarce, when the truth is that it costs nothing to be respectful and cordial. Thank you for sharing.

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Muy buen contenido

I've had to get used to the fact that some people don't correspond to my education, but there are times when I "overflow" with that carefree attitude of people and I tend to react in a way that gives them an "emotional shock" hahahaha.

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