The additional economic problems that wars leave us

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Hello friends of Project HOPE, today I want to share a reflection on what wars are, and not only this, but I would like to emphasize those problems that they leave for countries, economic, of course, but that are not only momentary, but will pass these problems on to future generations.

Wars, beyond the immediate devastation and loss of human life, have a profound and lasting impact on the economies of the countries involved, as well as on global economic stability. We can see this clearly in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The economic consequences of a war conflict not only affect the nations directly involved, but also extend to neighboring countries and the world economy in general.


First, countries involved in war often suffer massive destruction of vital infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, hospitals and schools. This destruction not only cripples the local economy in the short term, but also creates a huge challenge for long-term recovery.

Rebuilding these infrastructures requires significant investments, which generally result in an increase in public debt. Resources that could have been allocated to areas such as education and health are redirected towards reconstruction and the war effort, which in turn delays socioeconomic development.

In addition, the economy of neighboring countries is also affected. We can see how the price of global energy has been affected as a result of this war. In addition, wars often generate massive displacements of people seeking refuge in neighboring countries, which can overload their health, education and public services systems.

These forced migratory flows can cause social and political tensions, in addition to negatively impacting local economies. Likewise, the interruption of regional trade due to war conflicts can negatively affect exports and imports, weakening the economy of neighboring countries.


Globally, wars can cause fluctuations in financial and commodity markets. For example, oil prices often rise during conflicts in producing regions, which in turn increases global transportation and production costs. This volatility in the markets can generate economic uncertainty and affect international investments, slowing global economic growth.

In a time like the current one, where the inflation rate remains high, something we have been experiencing since the pandemic, the fact that energy prices rise represents a serious problem.

Now, something to highlight, which is a particularly worrying aspect, is the debt generated by wars. Countries in conflict often go deeply into debt to finance their war efforts, accumulating debts that can take generations to pay off, if ever. This financial burden limits the ability of governments to invest in economic development and improving the living conditions of their citizens. In many cases, war debts perpetuate cycles of poverty and underdevelopment that can last decades.

Currently, many countries are in the process of chronic debt, which will leave them in an increasingly worse situation to face crisis situations in the future.


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And the big question is: why do people still wage wars? Who benefits from them, who earns from them...? And you'll find a lot of answers to questions that you didn't even ask...

Yes, the interests behind every war. The shady businesses.
Even recently there is a stir because people from Latin America are being taken to Ukraine, with the excuse of being on the front lines and having a good pay, and there are many dying. Recently, 51 bodies of Colombians who died on the battle front have arrived in Colombia, and neither they nor their families will receive any compensation.

And so many more things. this is terrible.

Even recently there is a stir because people from Latin America are being taken to Ukraine

Really? I knew that Europeans were recruited and partly North Africans. That is incomprehensible. Your people have nothing to do with the conflict; they risk their lives for the pay as mercenaries...?

Yes, that's happening. Even in this Tweet the Colombian ambassador says it clearly, that he has just repatriated the bodies of 51 Colombians and the ambassador asks that they not go to Ukraine to be cannon fodder.

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Wars are very terrible, the loss of lives and properties involved is greatly scary and when it is time to start re-building, it takes so much energy, time, and resources.


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