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"The best way to conquer an over-communicated society like today's is to over-simplify the message." Al Ríes

Hello community, greetings to all, I hope you had a great weekend and that this week is very good. We are in a moment in which communication comes and goes, in quantities that never existed before, that is to say, to be able to be aware of everything that happens is practically impossible, even dedicating the whole day to it we could not absorb all the information that arises daily.

For this reason, communication has been simplified in all areas of human development. It is increasingly difficult for people to read books, much less if they are literary classics. Those movies that used to last up to two or three hours are becoming less and less frequent. Everything has become shorter.


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The lyrics are getting more and more basic, and some are even grotesque, so everything has changed. Some things for the better, others not so much. But we have to adapt to the changes.

But, in order to have a greater impact on the mass of the population, we have to simplify even more. Previously technology took up more space, it was slower, if we compare it with the present, we will know that there has been a radical change in this aspect, currently the technological devices are much smaller but much faster and more efficient.

his aspect of simplifying everything, has its pros and cons, and it will depend on what is pursued. On the one hand, if we analyze from the point of view of the development of the social mentality, to a certain extent, the fact that we read less and less has an impact on the fact that there will be less capacity for analysis, at least I think so, because it is well known that the more we read, the more we will have the possibility to establish comparisons and reach better conclusions, I imagine that on this point you agree with me.



Being able to have the ability to simplify messages, for those who want to reach the masses, makes it easier to get what they are looking for, this is potentially important in all those who are dedicated to marketing and any area related to advertising and marketing. Without the ability to simplify messages, people objectives will simply not want to spend a lot of time to understand something.

So, I do not criticize the current reality with the over-simplification of messages, because finally they respond to a social context, or I could also say that the context is the result of all this.

I would like to know what you think about it, you can leave your thoughts about it in the comments.

Thank you very much for reading my post.

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As a teacher, I think that the current communication processes are being damaged in some way by making them simpler to reach a greater number of people, and simultaneously what you say is happening, many people want to read less; advertising, newspapers, brochures and most importantly, they read fewer books so that soon we will face an audience with little knowledge, a lot of distraction in between and very little desire to communicate and learn, this is really worrying for me .

Maybe @tocho2 that's what the real powers are looking for, a mass of population that doesn't think much, that is entertained and that simply allows itself to be easily manipulated,

And not only simplified communication is good. It's also good when we get directly to the point and show others that we respect their time. It's hard to communicate with someone who is talking too much and saying almost nothing !

That's a problem, talking to someone who doesn't say anything, even though they talk a lot, is uncomfortable.

I'm not really with simplifying almost everything because people will lack the skills of researching and digging for information. Also, it will increase the circle of people who will see that simplified information, and I don't think all of them will understand the right meaning of everything, which will lead to a huge misunderstanding between people.

I also would like to mention that it will also affect, in the long run, people might lose the skill of concentrating on one such thing for some time because anything simple won't take their time at all. Still, I'm not really sure about that; it's just what I immediately thought about after I finished reading the article.

Yes, that is a great detail, people, even children are getting used to everything being very short, and this in itself is a big problem, in view of the fact that they will be the adults in the future.

Greetings @ josevas217 In my reality as a teacher when interacting with students, many of them, when we communicate via messages by some digital media, their words come with a simplicity that undoubtedly I do not share since their messages are poorly written, for using phrases that today young people use, not to write a complete sentence of what they want to express.

Thank you very much for sharing your publication

This is another problem, the way they generate dialogues in texts, they abbreviate everything, and often end up being incomprehensible. And it has its limitations at the time of writing

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El exclusivo arte de la comunicación muy interesante este post, enriquecido en contenido @josevas217 excelente trabajo

Yes @rubenp
It's paradoxical, but this thing we love so much, we know it's somehow hurting. Because whether we like it or not, we enjoy technology, but we are very clear that it has its points against it.

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