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Hello dear friends of the community Project Hope and Steemit in general, I bring a contest in which I hope you feel motivated to participate. This contest has multiple purposes, beyond encouraging the participation of many with the creation of good content in search of a reward, it also seeks to show a way to create original content from a sentence ... But Jose, explain yourself once and for all what it consists of... Calm down, don't get desperate, in minutes I'll tell you so that hundreds of users can participate ha ha ha

As some of you know, I am part of the team antiplagiarism of Project Hope together with @gbenga and @juanmolina, of course under the leadership of @crypto-piotr. Recently we commented that one way to prevent users from falling into plagiarism, due to ignorance, is educate. Also this is the purpose of this post, to show a way to elaborate publications but with original content. Now, what is the form of the contest?



Let your imagination fly and produce a publication based on the following sentence:

"Technology is important, but the only thing that really matters is what we do with it. " Muhammad Yunus

Just like that, make a post to what the previous sentence inspired you to read. Generally, there are contests that start from writing a publication from an image, and it is valid, but we wanted to try something different, starting from the fact that there are always many possibilities to create content that is yours and avoid falling into plagiarism, does it seem logical?...



Of course, every contest has its rules and this is no exception, but they are basic and I know you will have no problem following them, they are the following:

  • Write a post of between 250 and 500 words, related to the phrase that has been placed as the main idea.
  • Publication must be done in the community of Project Hope.
  • You can use the images you need to express your idea, but that are in the public domain (always quote the source, if you don't know how to do it consult here).
  • Mention this contest somewhere in your publication.
  • Resteem to this post, the idea is to reach as many users as possible. (optional)
  • Use the tag #ph-contest
  • Any sign of plagiarism in the publication will lead to not being considered as a participant in the contest.
  • You can also leave the links of the participation posts as comments in this publication.

This contest ends when the 7 days of circulation of this post ends.

Basically those would be the rules, now, I know that some people might find it difficult to create a post from a sentence, so I leave some questions that might be useful to start and develop your writing, always being able (preferably) to express only and exclusively your ideas.

  • Do you agree or disagree with the approach of the sentence? Why?
  • Do you have an example to justify your position in relation to the sentence?
  • What do you think about technology? Can you live without it?
  • Do you think that the use of technology today is appropriate and favors everyone?

These are only some questions that could be asked in order to elaborate your participation in the contest...
Now, a part that interests all of you, THE PRIZE, will be the following:

  • First prize: 70% vote with the Project Hope trailer (350000 STEEMPOWER )
  • Second prize: 50% vote with the Project Hope trailer (350000 STEEMPOWER)
  • Third prize: 30% vote with the Project Hope trailer (350000 STEEMPOWER)

The jurors of this contest will be @juanmolina and I (@josevas217).

Thank you very much in advance for your participation.

I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.


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Greetings @josevas217 seems to me an excellent initiative, it stimulates the creative capacity of each writer. I'll try to leave my publication, have an excellent week.

Great contest. I would love to participate

Hello friend @josevas217 a great idea, I think an excellent contest, it is also important to encourage people to write from their own ideas, that will help educate the mind. Of course I will participate!

cool i go to participate

Thanks for commenting, I hope you can participate.

I also hope you can participate, welcome @nishadi88

Muy interesante frase bueno para conocer a la persona detrás de ella, con sus ideas. Un estupendo tema para ir compartiendo @josevas217 y aprender.


Gracias por participar @sacra97
Pronto visitaré tu post

Gracias por la visita @josevas217

hi @josevas217 - we all love a contest. thanks for arranging!!!

Thank you, I look forward to your participation :-)

this is a very interesting topic that helps us to have a better understanding of technology @josevas217

Thank you for participating, I will soon visit your participation.

Cool I will definitely participate in this one

Hi @mandate
Welcome your participation

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